One of the highlights of the Moto Z line is its compatibility with Motorola’s Moto Mod system, and along with the announcement of the Moto Z2 Force today, we also got more details on the upcoming 360-degree camera Moto Mod that was first announced earlier this month.

At the press event in New York City today, Motorola announced that its 360-degree camera attachment will be available starting on August 10 for the price of $299.99. Although the Moto Mod will be released alongside the Moto Z2 Force on that same day, it will work just fine with all existing Moto Z smartphones.

The 360-camera Moto Mod uses two 13MP cameras for capturing photos and videos, and this allows you to capture 4K 360-degree footage and panoramic images. You can also use the camera to livestream directly to your favorite social networking channels, and you’ll also have the ability to edit any 360-degree footage directly on your Moto Z handset.

In addition to the 360-degree camera, Motorola also pointed out that its upcoming Gamepad Moto Mod will be available later this summer for $79.99. There’s still no exact release date for it, but we’d expect it to launch with or near the same time that the 360-camera does.

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