Moto Mods Stories August 3, 2018

Motorola says it isn’t done with Moto Mods, will continue for the ‘foreseeable future’

Moto Mods first arrived on Motorola devices three years ago with the debut of the Moto Z, and they’ve been a core part of Motorola in the time since. However, with yesterday’s debut of the Moto Z3, many expected Motorola to finally move on from Moto Mods. Apparently, that’s not the plan.

Moto Mods Stories April 11, 2018

Motorola’s new stereo speaker Moto Mod delivers loud audio at a more affordable price

While Moto Mods haven’t proved as popular as many hoped, the technology does have some handy uses. One of the more popular mods has been JBL’s SoundBoost mod, and now Motorola has its own, more affordable version…

Moto Mods Stories January 31, 2018

Latest Moto Z Style Shells are interestingly made from Gorilla Glass 5 [Gallery]

Motorola has remained relatively committed to modularity in recent years with the Moto Z3 rumored to again support Moto Mods, while a full-sized sliding keyboard complete with backlit keys was just announced at CES 2018. Following a flip case earlier this month, the Lenovo company is releasing new Moto Style Shells.

Moto Mods Stories January 18, 2018

Motorola’s ‘Moto Folio’ Mod is a super affordable way to protect your Moto Z device

Motorola is pushing Moto Mods hard, unveiling new ones such as a keyboard at CES 2018 last week. The collection has been expanding for quite some time, but most are pretty expensive. Now though, there’s a folio mod that costs just $11 and change.

Moto Mods Stories January 9, 2018

At CES 2018, Lenovo-owned Motorola is renewing its commitment to Moto Mods with two new accessories for the Moto Z lineup. The first is made by its parent company and meant for health sensing, while the latter is a full-sized sliding keyboard.

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Moto Mods Stories November 17, 2017

I like docks. My adoration dates back to Exhibition Mode in webOS and to a lesser degree the original Daydream screen savers on Android. Both have faded, but live on as ambient/always-on display features in modern flagships. Of those, my favorite is easily the Moto Display found on the Moto Z line of devices. Now, that feature has a hardware dock to pair that also acts as an Alexa speaker.

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