A few days ago a thread popped up on Reddit regarding app icons, specifically Android Oreo’s ability to put a custom mask on all icons which, in some cases, can result in an adaptive icon that fits the shape it’s given. It’s a cool idea, but it relies on developer support, and Google isn’t doing a great job of setting an example. Now, the lead of Allo and Duo has said they’re taking steps to improve that.

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Justin Uberti, technical lead for Duo and co-lead of Allo recently responded to that Reddit thread on Twitter. He quite simply said that he agrees Google should be setting an example for developers in this area, and says that they will be fixing the icons, at least for Allo and Duo.

The icons for Allo and Duo are unique compared to a lot of Android apps with their teardrop shapes. However, when you combine those with Oreo’s adaptive icon masks or even just the circular icon found on the Pixel, they don’t look nearly as good as they do alone.

It’s a shame that Google hasn’t put in the time to fix these, especially when fans have taken the time to show Google (and other developers) exactly what to do to make the icons look good. That designer even said those icons didn’t take long at all to create.

[protected-iframe id=”46d3435e04ab86a5a5c4a8107bb1c843-22427743-105156875″ info=”//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

It’s great to see that Uberti is aiming to fix this issue, but Allo and Duo aren’t the only services Google needs to put a bit of effort into fixing, especially if the company should be setting the standard…

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