The Google Home Mini is here, and it’s pretty much just what the name suggests: a smaller Google Home speaker. Let’s check it out and see what comes in the box…

In the box (which is appropriately also miniature compared to last year’s), you’ll find the Google Home itself in one of its three colors, the charger, and some documentation. Of course, you use the Google Home app to set everything up — and it couldn’t be simpler.

On the back of the device there’s a little switch for turning on and off the microphone (if you remember, the Google Home had a button that served the same function) and a small microUSB port for power. It’s a bit disappointing to see that port in 2017, but it’s fine.

Th big story with the Google Home Mini is the price. It’s just $49 here in the United States, and Google seems to be intending to make them just about as ubiquitous as they can be. They’re giving them away at events this month and they gave the press one for free at the event.

Long story short: you should buy one. If you were hoping that Google would introduce a competitor to the Echo Dot so that you can have one of these in every room in your house, the Mini is just for you. It comes in three colors: charcoal, coral, and chalk. I might get one of each.

I haven’t had a chance to test out the 360-degree speakers and really see how this thing compares in functionality to the Home yet, but be sure to stay tuned for a fuller review in the next day or so.


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