Keeping track of your purchases isn’t always easy. That’s why services such as PayPal which can notify you of every purchase or deposit can really come in handy. Android Pay does something similar, but only when you pay with your phone. Now, it’s looking like the service might be able to pull transaction history from your card(s) regardless of if it was on your phone or not.

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As noted on Twitter, the Android Pay app appears to be testing out a new feature for “Full Purchase History.” In short, this new feature pulls your entire transaction history from your card and displays it right alongside Android Pay purchases.

This new setting on Android Pay appears to only work for specific cards, though. In this first case, it works with an American Express Cash card, and other users with American Express cards are reporting the same on Reddit, even in the UK.

Presumably, adding this functionality will also give users the ability to receive notifications for purchases with that card through Android Pay, just like purchases made with the phone, but that has not been fully confirmed yet.

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