One of the little nuisances within Android is all of the random notifications that pop up constantly. One of which is when your phone lets you know that there are open Wi-Fi networks around that you can connect to. Thankfully, you to disable these notifications on the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL

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Steps to turning off open network notification on Google Pixel 2 & 2 XL

  1. Disable the open network notification
  2. Enjoy a cleaned up notification try

1. Disable the open network notification

First, jump into your Pixel 2’s Settings menu by pulling down the notification tray and tapping on the gear icon. Then, choose Network & Internet before selecting the Wi-Fi option. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap on Wi-Fi preferences.

After jumping through all of the above hoops, you should see the option for Open network notification. To turn this off, just tap on the toggle next to the item until it’s grayed out.

Use the images below to help if you get lost along the way.

2. Enjoy a cleaned up notification try

Now, when you pull down the notification tray, you should see one less item. While it can be nice to know when open Wi-Fi networks are nearby, it can just make the whole top bar look cluttered.

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