Throughout the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl, we saw Google start a new ad campaign for the Pixel 2. Using the ‘Question your lens’ tagline, Google advertises its handset’s superb camera by demonstrating that not a single photo defines a person or group of people…

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Using the Pixel 2’s top performing camera, the first ad takes a look at Sumiko, an 83-year old DJ from Tokyo. Using photos taken with Google’s flagship smartphone, you’re taken on a journey of discovering who Sumiko really is and not just how she appears in everyday images. As the commercial states, “There’s a deeper story behind every picture. Question your lens.”

The next two ads follow the Fletcher Street Crew and a group of suicide survivors who called the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Both of these videos also demonstrate that a single story of someone doesn’t represent a person’s full story. As the narrator of the latter of the two ads says, “Not every picture tells the whole story. Question your lens.”

We have compiled all three ads to the playlist below. If Google airs more commercials from this campaign in the future, we’ll make sure to include them.

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