Made by Google Stories February 27

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Google launched ARCore and highlighted how it supports 100 million Android devices. However, the company is also looking beyond phone-based augmented reality according to Rick Osterloh. In an interview, Google’s hardware head noted ongoing research, but no imminent products.

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Made by Google Stories February 26

Late last month, Google Clips went on sale with an earliest expected ship date of February 27th. Ahead of the first customers receiving their AI-powered smart camera, the Google Clips companion app has arrived on the Play Store.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Made by Google Stories February 9

Here are all of the ‘Question your lens’ ads for the Google Pixel 2 [Video]

Throughout the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl, we saw Google start a new ad campaign for the Pixel 2. Using the ‘Question your lens’ tagline, Google advertises its handset’s superb camera by demonstrating that not a single photo defines a person or group of people…

Made by Google Stories February 7

This morning, a report surfaced about a secret Google gaming-console codenamed ‘Yeti’ that would allow users to stream video games from the cloud. While we have seen Sony and Nvidia introduce similar products, those platforms primarily provide AAA console games.

Before you would ever buy the ‘Yeti’ system and pay Google a monthly subscription, what types of games would the search giant have to provide?

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Last November, a Nest merger into Google’s hardware division was rumored given the increased areas of overlap in the smart home. Today, the two are officially “join[ing] forces” to bolster Google’s hardware efforts.

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Besides Android apps and the Play Store, Google’s current gaming efforts are particularly centered around video livestreams on YouTube and Daydream VR. However, the company reportedly has plans for a subscription-based game streaming service that would possibly involve a Made by Google gaming console.

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