Made by Google Stories Today

The “something special” teased by Google over the weekend is a month-long series of deals. Fred Armisen is the face of the Google Store Daily Special with various skits showing off various Assistant devices and how they are helpful.

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Made by Google Stories August 5

At the start of July, Google discontinued the Pixel 3a after inventory ran out on its official store. After announcing its latest mid-range phone on Monday, the flagship Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is now discontinued and out of stock on the Google Store.

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Made by Google Stories August 3

Google Pixel 4a fabric case features recycled materials, jacquard pattern

All recent Pixel phones have been accompanied by one excellent accessory. This time around, the fabric cases for the Pixel 4a reflect Made by Google’s focus on sustainability and the environment.

If 2020 in any way resembled the year that came before, Google would have announced a follow-up to the successful Pixel 3a in May. Of course, the I/O developer conference was canceled and almost three months have passed without a Pixel 4a launch. That’s, fortunately, changing today with a quiet, online unveil of Made by Google’s next device.

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In addition to launching the Pixel 4a today, Google offered a brief preview of its remaining 2020 phone lineup. A tease reveals that the Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 will launch this fall and start at $499.

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Pixel 4a case colors revealed as Amazon preorders go live, shipping August 20

In addition to the product listing going live this morning, Amazon has put the Pixel 4a and its cases up for preorder before the phone has been officially announced.

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