Made by Google Stories October 19

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Google Daydream (2nd gen.) is now available to purchase on the Google Store

Announced on October 4th at the Made by Google event in San Francisco, the new Daydream View is now available for purchase on the Google Store. Visiting the Google Daydream page between then and now presented you with an option to join a waitlist, but now you can give Google your $99 if you want.

Google Pixel Buds won’t be available until next month, but in the meantime the Assistant-enabled headphones passed through the FCC. Notably, the filing was not made by Google, but rather a Chinese company that has a history of audio products and an assortment of Sony PlayStation accessories.

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Made by Google Stories October 17

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PSA: Google will actually sell products in its pop-up shops opening this week

Google will be selling products at its brick-and-mortar pop-up shops starting this year, Google has confirmed to The Verge. We’ve known about these pop-up shops set to open this week since earlier this month (and Google’s site said “Shop”, so we assumed you’d be able to shop), but now we know for sure that you’ll be able to walk in and purchase some of Google’s new products.

Made by Google Stories October 11

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As Sundar Pichai and company love to opine, Google is moving to an AI first world. This transition sees existing products being rethought to see how they benefit from machine learning, while Google is literally discovering how artificial intelligence can be used to create new ones.

One of those new discoveries is Google Clips. With this mostly under-the-radar gadget, Google wants to apply artificial intelligence to one of its most high-stakes consumer-facing uses ever: capturing memories. Moments are literally once in a lifetime events and the company feels that its AI-laden approach is ready to handle that one take for you.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

One way Google addressed the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Pixel 2 at their October 4th event was by introducing Pixel Buds. These Bluetooth headphones feature the Google Assistant built-in, Fair Pair, and a real-time translation feature.

Fortunately, Google has now confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the neat latter feature will also work on last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL.

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Made by Google Stories October 10

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Last year I said that the first Google Home was a great start, but not yet functionally up to par with the comparable offerings from Amazon. Google has all but caught up since then. The feature set of the original Google Home is fleshed out — it works with just about as many third-party services as you could want — and now Google has introduced a smaller, cheaper Home to take on the Echo Dot.

The short version is this: The new Google Home Mini joins the Chromecast as another impulse buy in Google’s hardware lineup.

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