For some time now, Google has been adding quick responses to its apps such as Gmail and Allo. But a new app out of Google’s Area 120 called Reply brings smart quick responses to all of your favorite messaging apps.

In your opinion, are quick responses like those created by Reply a useful tool or just a tactic for lazy messaging?

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With Reply, quick responses get an upgrade thanks to the app’s use of AI. Instead of just automatically providing the usual blanket Yes, No, Maybe, etc. quick responses, the app will analyze the incoming message’s text to give smart choices to choose from. But even on top of that, Reply is capable of automatically responding to messages without you even needing to give feedback.

As Ben wrote yesterday:

For example, Reply can “detect seriousness” in a person’s message, and automatically reply to see if it’s an urgent matter. If so, the person can respond with the word “urgent” to have the recipient’s phone make a noise, alerting them to the message even if their device is on vibrate. Another example is a bot that replies “What’s up?” In either case, the message is preceded with a robot emoji to make it clear who’s responding.

So, what is your take on Reply and its automated smart quick responses? Would you devalue responses from others if you knew they just sent you a quick response? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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