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June 2012 - October 2018

Reply is an app out of Google’s Area 120 incubator. It brings smart responses to your favorite messaging apps as well as other smart features

reply Stories October 10, 2018

Earlier this year, Google’s internal Area 120 incubator unveiled Reply as a smart response toolbar appended to notifications on Android. In an email today, Google revealed that it is ending the experiment.

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reply Stories May 11, 2018

Last month, we spotted Reply working on a new smart toolbar to compliment its existing set of smart messaging response capabilities. That update is rolling out now to the beta along with a new general redesign for the app and service.

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reply Stories April 28, 2018

One of Android P’s highlight features is a revamp to notifications with inline images and smart reply. Meanwhile on a parallel track, Google’s Area 120 incubator recently released Reply, which adds similar smart suggestions to all apps, among other intelligent features. An upcoming update might make notifications even more powerful on Android P.

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reply Stories February 21, 2018

For some time now, Google has been adding quick responses to its apps such as Gmail and Allo. But a new app out of Google’s Area 120 called Reply brings smart quick responses to all of your favorite messaging apps.

In your opinion, are quick responses like those created by Reply a useful tool or just a tactic for lazy messaging?

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reply Stories February 20, 2018

We all get a ton of notifications every day, and a vast majority of them come from messaging apps. In the past year or so, Google has made strides in making it easier to reply to emails with “Smart Replies,” and made that same tech available to the likes of Android Messages. Now, after being announced a couple of weeks ago, “Reply” is bringing that same functionality to your notifications.

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Reply, Area 120’s smart quick response application, is available to download

Earlier this month, Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, sent out an email asking for beta testers for a new app called ‘Reply.’ Now, just a week later, the smart quick response app’s APK has leaked online for all to enjoy…

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