As excitement grows for Google’s highly anticipated OS, Fuchsia, some people are investing their time and talents into fan projects. One such person is Noah Cain, who has developed a working demo of Fuchsia’s Capybara design, for the browser.

One of Google’s goals with Fuchsia is to unify mobile with the desktop. These different platforms come with different expectations from users. To meet these expectations, the Fuchsia team has designed multiple potential layouts for the OS.

One you may be familiar with is Armadillo, which we’ve discussed on a number of occasions. Armadillo is Fuchsia’s more touchscreen oriented experience, primarily driven by a combination of Recent Apps and a new version of the Google Feed.

Capybara, on the other hand, seems to be designed for keyboard and mouse on a desktop or laptop, with features reminiscent of Chrome OS: a task bar with an action button and more options in the corner.

It’s important to know that Google’s version of Capybara is still in a very early state. Cain has taken some liberties to make it interesting to use. While these changes are fun, they likely will not represent the final product.

You can check out the demo here.

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