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August 2016 - May 2019

Fuchsia Stories May 17

Google-owned website Fuchsia.dev briefly appears online

Earlier this year, Google launched the .dev top-level domain and simultaneously created a variety of new .dev websites, including a new website for Flutter. It seems Google’s Fuchsia team is planning to launch their own Fuchsia.dev website, hinting at the operating system potentially getting some more developer exposure soon.

Fuchsia Stories May 9

At a fireside chat on the last day of I/O 2019, Hiroshi Lockheimer talked about Fuchsia publicly in a high-level manner for the first time. It comes as Google quietly acknowledged the operating earlier this week at the developer conference. The Google SVP of Android, Chrome/OS, and Play described it as one of Google’s experiments around new concepts for operating systems.

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Fuchsia Stories May 7

Google quietly acknowledges Fuchsia during I/O 2019

At Google I/O, some were looking forward to the potential for Google to announce Fuchsia as their next operating system for devices of all kinds. That admittedly outlandish dream has now been dashed, but not completely. Despite not being featured on the main stage, Google has publicly acknowledged Fuchsia OS in the middle of a Google I/O announcement.

Fuchsia Stories May 3

For the past 5 months, we’ve been watching as Google slowly brought support for their Fuchsia OS to the Android Emulator, which would make the OS accessible to developers who don’t have Pixelbooks. A pair of indie developers have managed to piece together some of Google’s work-in-progress efforts to demonstrate Fuchsia running directly in the Android Emulator.

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Fuchsia Stories April 19

We’ve all been watching and waiting eagerly for the official launch of Fuchsia, Google’s in-development OS for anything and everything, but the company has barely even acknowledged its existence thus far. Despite this lack of publicity, Fuchsia has marched on toward its latest milestone—the first “release candidate.”

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Fuchsia Stories March 20

Thanks to the near universal nature of web technology, JavaScript has become an almost equally universal programming language. With this in mind, Google is continuing to appeal to JavaScript developers by bringing proper Node.js support to their upcoming Fuchsia OS.

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