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Fuchsia Stories November 9

In an interesting turn of events this Friday evening, the beginnings of support for the Java programming language has arrived for Fuchsia. Where things get interesting is that this change was found in Android’s code, not Fuchsia’s.

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Fuchsia Stories October 19

Over the months, we’ve followed a variety of prototypes for Google’s Fuchsia OS, each filling a different niche from Google’s current product line. This week on Fuchsia Friday, we look at the latest prototype, Sherlock, and some of the possible form factors it could take.

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Fuchsia Stories October 10

Amidst the announcements from yesterday’s Made by Google Event, we got a variety of details on the hardware for each of Google’s upcoming products. One of those, the Google Home Hub, may have outed itself as the latest Fuchsia OS device.

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Fuchsia Stories October 2

Fuchsia’s Xi code editor is no longer a Google-owned project

Back in January, we took a precursory look at the in-development, cross-platform Xi code editor that then-Googler Raph Levien was building and how it related to Google’s Fuchsia OS. Levien has since left his position at Google and gave an update yesterday on how that will affect Xi’s development going forward.

Fuchsia Stories September 17

Google has long been at work trying to get their Chromium web browser up and running on their upcoming, work-in-progress Fuchsia operating system. We now get to see the first fruits of that effort, with a hands-on look at Chromium for Fuchsia.

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Fuchsia Stories August 31

Things have been relatively quiet in the Fuchsia scene as of late, but development work has not ceased. Today on Fuchsia Friday, we take another look at Fuchsia’s device prototypes as found in its source code, including a brand new one.

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