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August 2016 - September 2018

Fuchsia Stories September 17

Google has long been at work trying to get their Chromium web browser up and running on their upcoming, work-in-progress Fuchsia operating system. We now get to see the first fruits of that effort, with a hands-on look at Chromium for Fuchsia.

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Fuchsia Stories August 31

Things have been relatively quiet in the Fuchsia scene as of late, but development work has not ceased. Today on Fuchsia Friday, we take another look at Fuchsia’s device prototypes as found in its source code, including a brand new one.

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Fuchsia Stories August 6

Version 2 of Google’s Dart programming language is now available

Dart, the programming language powering Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development kit, and one of the primary languages used in Fuchsia OS, has officially reached version 2.0.0.

Fuchsia Stories July 27

Many of you have seen the reports claiming Fuchsia will replace Android within the next 5 years and have shared understandable concerns about how Google can so swiftly replace such a core piece of their ecosystem. This week, we take a look at where Fuchsia might fit in and how Google could make it a smoother transition. expand full story

Fuchsia Stories July 20

Reports emerged yesterday about the future of Fuchsia OS, including a five-year plan to replace Android. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at one interesting aspect of the report that has sparked keen interest, specifically where Fuchsia will stand on user privacy.

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Fuchsia Stories July 19

We’ve been very closely following the development of Google’s Fuchsia OS with the publicly available information in both the source code and code review. While this is often all we need to take a guess at how Fuchsia is progressing, we almost never see what happens behind closed doors at Google. A new report offers insight on Google’s plans for the open source OS, including upcoming devices and ambitions to replace Android.

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