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August 2016 - March 2021

Fuchsia Stories March 19

For years now, we’ve been watching and waiting as Google has gradually developed their Fuchsia operating system from the ground up. Now evidence has appeared pointing to Google’s Fuchsia OS getting its first — and second — proper release.

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Fuchsia Stories February 12

For years now, Google has been developing Fuchsia, an operating system that is distinctly not based on Linux. The latest proposal for Fuchsia OS shows how this “not Linux” operating system could run “unmodified” programs for both Android and Linux.

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Fuchsia Stories December 8, 2020

For the past five years, Google has been developing a new operating system, Fuchsia, from the ground up. Starting today, Google’s Fuchsia OS is now being developed more openly, including accepting contributions from the public.

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Fuchsia Stories August 12, 2020

Before a device or software that uses Bluetooth can be made available to the public, it needs to be approved by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Tonight, a portion of Google’s long-in-development Fuchsia OS has been listed with the Bluetooth SIG.

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Fuchsia Stories March 6, 2020

Over the course of the past few years, Google’s Fuchsia team has developed support for quite a few devices that seem to line up with known Made by Google hardware. In some cases, those devices appeared in Fuchsia’s code long before they were announced to the public. Looking ahead into 2020, keeping that close relationship in mind, Fuchsia has already laid the groundwork for two more potentially Made by Google devices, codenamed “Nelson” and “Luis.”

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Fuchsia Stories February 28, 2020

In software development, and especially Google’s development cycles, there’s usually a point where the developers “eat their own dogfood” or use their own work, before letting normal users try it. It seems that Google’s long-in-development Fuchsia OS may finally be reaching this “dogfood” stage.

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