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Fuchsia Stories March 30

Chris McKillop, engineering director of Google’s Fuchsia project, leaves the company [U]

The engineering lead of Google’s Fuchsia operating system, Chris McKillop, has announced his departure from Google.

Fuchsia Stories March 4

Google’s homegrown Fuchsia operating system has taken another step closer to being broadly usable by gaining the full Google Chrome browser experience.

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Fuchsia Stories January 13

The Nest Hub Max may soon be switched to Fuchsia — Google’s homegrown operating system — as internal testing ramps up.

Update: The Nest Hub Max’s upgrade to Fuchsia is becoming increasingly likely as new evidence comes to light.

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Fuchsia Stories November 8, 2021

Owners of the original Nest Hub have spotted a bug that pauses all media playing in their home while a Nest Camera feed is playing.

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Fuchsia Stories October 8, 2021

According to new job listings, Google is looking to expand the Fuchsia operating system from its current home on the Nest Hub to “additional smart devices and other form factors.”

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Fuchsia Stories August 17, 2021

More owners of the first-generation Nest Hub are receiving the update to Google’s Fuchsia operating system as it expands beyond the Preview program.

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Fuchsia Stories August 6, 2021

Every good operating system needs a web browser, especially as more and more apps move to the web. To that end, Google is preparing to bring the full Google Chrome browser experience to Fuchsia OS.

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Fuchsia Stories July 23, 2021

Despite having officially launched earlier this year, there’s still quite a bit of mystery around Google’s next operating system, Fuchsia. To help explain the most important details, two Googlers have shared a video tour and Q&A with much of what you might want to know about Fuchsia OS.

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Fuchsia Stories July 14, 2021

Since late May, Fuchsia has been rolling out to Google’s first-generation Assistant Smart Display. More Nest Hubs are receiving the Fuchsia OS update now, and some users are seeing their screens go purple, but there’s, fortunately, a quick fix.

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Fuchsia Stories July 9, 2021

A commemorative jigsaw puzzle for the Fuchsia OS development team appeared on eBay, pointing to a “new brand system” for the project.

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Fuchsia Stories July 8, 2021

Back in December, Google opened the Fuchsia project to contributions from developers outside of Google. Thanks to a new official Discord server, developers and enthusiasts have a place to gather and discuss Fuchsia OS.

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Fuchsia Stories July 1, 2021

A new trademark filing reveals that Google’s recently released Fuchsia OS is getting a new yet still familiar-looking logo.

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Fuchsia Stories June 22, 2021

Google has shared official instructions on how to know if your Nest Hub has been updated to run on Fuchsia OS.

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Fuchsia Stories June 11, 2021

As we speak, Google is actively rolling out Fuchsia OS for the first time starting on the first-generation Nest Hub as a replacement to the older Cast OS. It’s a huge milestone for the operating system, but given Google’s goal to make the replacement entirely seamless, can you actually tell the difference? Let’s take a look.

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Last month, Google officially released their from-scratch operating system, Fuchsia, starting with select first-generation Nest Hubs. Here are a few different ways to know whether or not your Google Nest Hub has been updated to Fuchsia OS.

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Fuchsia Stories June 3, 2021

With the combination of Google’s official release and some fantastic work by the developers of Dahlia OS, with the help of an emulator, we’re all now able to go hands-on with Fuchsia OS to try it for ourselves.

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Fuchsia Stories May 26, 2021

Google officially released their Fuchsia OS earlier this week, starting by rolling it out to some owners of the original Nest Hub. Now, a group of indie developers have created a simpler way of trying out Fuchsia on your own computer.

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Fuchsia Stories May 25, 2021

The day we’ve been waiting for has finally come; while it may not have been as splashy of an event as we hoped, Google’s Fuchsia OS has been released for real devices. The question now is: where will Fuchsia go next?

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Google’s long-in-development, from-scratch operating system, Fuchsia, is now running on real Made by Google devices, namely, the first-generation Nest Hub.

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Fuchsia Stories May 12, 2021

For years now, Google has been steadily developing Fuchsia OS, exploring the potential benefits of building an operating system from the ground up. Now it seems that Samsung has begun contributing some of its work to Google’s Fuchsia OS project.

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Fuchsia Stories May 3, 2021

Google’s long in-development operating system Fuchsia has taken one step closer to running on real devices, as a Bluetooth listing shows the Nest Hub running “Fuchsia 1.0.”

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Fuchsia Stories March 19, 2021

For years now, we’ve been watching and waiting as Google has gradually developed their Fuchsia operating system from the ground up. Now evidence has appeared pointing to Google’s Fuchsia OS getting its first — and second — proper release.

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Fuchsia Stories February 12, 2021

For years now, Google has been developing Fuchsia, an operating system that is distinctly not based on Linux. The latest proposal for Fuchsia OS shows how this “not Linux” operating system could run “unmodified” programs for both Android and Linux.

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Fuchsia Stories December 8, 2020

For the past five years, Google has been developing a new operating system, Fuchsia, from the ground up. Starting today, Google’s Fuchsia OS is now being developed more openly, including accepting contributions from the public.

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Fuchsia Stories August 12, 2020

Before a device or software that uses Bluetooth can be made available to the public, it needs to be approved by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Tonight, a portion of Google’s long-in-development Fuchsia OS has been listed with the Bluetooth SIG.

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Fuchsia Stories March 6, 2020

Over the course of the past few years, Google’s Fuchsia team has developed support for quite a few devices that seem to line up with known Made by Google hardware. In some cases, those devices appeared in Fuchsia’s code long before they were announced to the public. Looking ahead into 2020, keeping that close relationship in mind, Fuchsia has already laid the groundwork for two more potentially Made by Google devices, codenamed “Nelson” and “Luis.”

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Fuchsia Stories February 28, 2020

In software development, and especially Google’s development cycles, there’s usually a point where the developers “eat their own dogfood” or use their own work, before letting normal users try it. It seems that Google’s long-in-development Fuchsia OS may finally be reaching this “dogfood” stage.

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Fuchsia Stories December 13, 2019

Yesterday, on our Alphabet Scoop podcast, our Stephen Hall dropped a mini bombshell that a Fuchsia tablet is rumored to be in the works. We dug in a bit deeper and found that the truth may be more complicated than that.

Early this year, it was discovered that the first Chrome OS tablet with Qi wireless charging was being developed under the codename “Flapjack.” Fast forward to today, it appears Chrome OS won’t be the only operating system this device supports, as Google’s Fuchsia OS team is also looking to support the “Flapjack” tablet.

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Fuchsia Stories October 11, 2019

Over the past two years, we’ve closely followed the development of Google’s Fuchsia OS and the various hardware products it supports. Thus far, these products have almost all been Made by Google devices like the Pixelbook and Nest Hub, used simply as testbeds for Fuchsia on various form factors. But if Fuchsia is to ever succeed, Google will need to partner with other companies on developing their own Fuchsia-based hardware and software projects.

This week in Fuchsia Friday, we take a look at the various Google partners that have looked into Fuchsia OS, including familiar names like Samsung and Sony.

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Fuchsia Stories July 30, 2019

Late last year, we uncovered evidence that Huawei was working with Google’s Fuchsia, even working to bring the OS to their own Honor Play gaming phone. Over two months after the company was hit with sanctions preventing them from working with US tech, the Chinese giant is apparently still interested in working with Fuchsia.

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Fuchsia Stories July 11, 2019

In the past few months, especially during Google I/O, we’ve learned a great deal about Google’s Fuchsia OS and the types of devices it’s currently expected to run on. While Hiroshi Lockheimer urged fans to consider the possibility that Fuchsia may not necessarily be for smartphones, new evidence has come to light indicating that the Fuchsia team is working to support the Snapdragon 835 processor, found in phones like the Google Pixel 2.

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Fuchsia Stories June 28, 2019

As was repeatedly made plain to see during this year’s Google I/O, developers are eager to learn more about Google’s Fuchsia OS. Today, those appetites are beginning to be satisfied thanks to the quiet launch of the official Fuchsia OS developer website, Fuchsia.dev.

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Fuchsia Stories June 14, 2019

With all the hype around the Pixel 4 this week, we thought it might be good to look at some of the other things Google might have in the Made by Google hardware pipeline. A new hardware prototype, codenamed “Visalia,” has popped up in the Fuchsia OS source code, which could be yet another Google Home device.

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Fuchsia Stories May 31, 2019

Following along with the development of Google’s Fuchsia OS, it has become clear that it will be capable of running both Linux and Android apps. Chrome OS can also do both of these things, and that’s no coincidence, as the Fuchsia team has opted to use some of Chrome OS’s developments for their own benefit.

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Fuchsia Stories May 17, 2019

Google-owned website Fuchsia.dev briefly appears online

Earlier this year, Google launched the .dev top-level domain and simultaneously created a variety of new .dev websites, including a new website for Flutter. It seems Google’s Fuchsia team is planning to launch their own Fuchsia.dev website, hinting at the operating system potentially getting some more developer exposure soon.

Fuchsia Stories May 9, 2019

At a fireside chat on the last day of I/O 2019, Hiroshi Lockheimer talked about Fuchsia publicly in a high-level manner for the first time. It comes as Google quietly acknowledged the operating earlier this week at the developer conference. The Google SVP of Android, Chrome/OS, and Play described it as one of Google’s experiments around new concepts for operating systems.

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Fuchsia Stories May 7, 2019

Google quietly acknowledges Fuchsia during I/O 2019

At Google I/O, some were looking forward to the potential for Google to announce Fuchsia as their next operating system for devices of all kinds. That admittedly outlandish dream has now been dashed, but not completely. Despite not being featured on the main stage, Google has publicly acknowledged Fuchsia OS in the middle of a Google I/O announcement.

Fuchsia Stories May 3, 2019

For the past 5 months, we’ve been watching as Google slowly brought support for their Fuchsia OS to the Android Emulator, which would make the OS accessible to developers who don’t have Pixelbooks. A pair of indie developers have managed to piece together some of Google’s work-in-progress efforts to demonstrate Fuchsia running directly in the Android Emulator.

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Fuchsia Stories April 19, 2019

We’ve all been watching and waiting eagerly for the official launch of Fuchsia, Google’s in-development OS for anything and everything, but the company has barely even acknowledged its existence thus far. Despite this lack of publicity, Fuchsia has marched on toward its latest milestone—the first “release candidate.”

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Fuchsia Stories March 20, 2019

Thanks to the near universal nature of web technology, JavaScript has become an almost equally universal programming language. With this in mind, Google is continuing to appeal to JavaScript developers by bringing proper Node.js support to their upcoming Fuchsia OS.

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Fuchsia Stories March 1, 2019

Google has been hard at work bringing Fuchsia to a wide variety of devices ranging from IoT devices like the Google Home Hub to more traditional computers like the Pixelbook. According to a new code change, the next devices to get the Fuchsia “tap” will be the newly released Chromebooks built with AMD processors, like the HP Chromebook 14 and Acer Chromebook 315.

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Fuchsia Stories February 8, 2019

Our avid readers know that we follow Fuchsia, Google’s in-development operating system, closely here at 9to5Google, for both its software and the various device prototypes that Google adds support for. This week on Fuchsia Friday, more details have come to light about Fuchsia’s “Sherlock” prototype, which strongly associate it with the Google Home Hub and suggest a Home Hub “Max” could be in the works. expand full story

Fuchsia Stories January 22, 2019

We learned in 2016 that Google was working on an entirely new operating system called Fuchsia. Development continues with new features and testing on a variety of form factors spotted regularly. Google has since hired 14-year Apple engineer Bill Stevenson to work on its upcoming OS, and help bring it to market.

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Fuchsia Stories January 21, 2019

Over the past few years, we’ve closely watched Fuchsia, Google’s forthcoming OS for devices of all kinds, develop and pick up all sorts of devices and prototypes, including the Google Home Hub and the Pixelbook. In that time, we’ve wondered when we would see support arrive for a Google Pixel series phone. Today may be that day, as Fuchsia is picking up support for “Crosshatch” aka the Google Pixel 3 XL, via an indie developer.

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Fuchsia Stories January 18, 2019

With CES 2019 now in the rear-view, we’re reflecting on the innovations that were on display, including new ways to interact with the Google Assistant. One of these, the Lenovo Smart Clock, may hold unexpected answers for Google’s hardware plans for Fuchsia.

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Fuchsia Stories January 2, 2019

We’ve long suspected that Google’s upcoming operating system, Fuchsia, would join the ranks of Chrome OS (and Android) in its support for Android apps. Today, that suspicion has been confirmed by a new change found in the Android Open Source Project, and we can say with confidence that Fuchsia will be capable of running Android apps using the Android Runtime.

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Fuchsia Stories December 28, 2018

Earlier this week, we reported that just about everything we’ve seen about Fuchsia is now gone, as the “Armadillo” UI has been deleted. In its place, we only have references to what seem, in context, to be three other “shells” or user interfaces which are all kept closed-source by Google. However, one of these, “Dragonglass,” may offer more answers than we initially thought.

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Fuchsia Stories December 26, 2018

Our avid readers know that Google is working on a new operating system for phones, computers, and just about everything else, called Fuchsia. We’ve seen it in a variety of demos over the last year and a half, all of which featured a UI, codenamed “Armadillo.” Now it seems that Armadillo, and thus everything about Fuchsia we’ve “seen,” has been removed.

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