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Kyle has formed an obsession with Google’s Fuchsia OS. He knows it’s going to be the next big thing, but also knows he has to prove that before others will believe it. When not writing about Fuchsia, his interests lean somewhat political, especially at the intersection of politics and technology. He can be reached for tips or just friendly chat by Twitter or email. Kyle@9to5mac.com

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This year has seen an incredible number of consumer-minded Chrome OS devices released. Combined with the latest advancements of Chrome OS, including Linux app support, there’s never been a better time to give your friends or loved ones a Chromebook. We’ve distilled the best down to five for this year’s Chromebook gift guide.

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Google Pay adds support for 16 more banks across the US

Across the nation there are thousands of smaller banks that manage to thrive in their local areas against larger national banks. Google Pay treats these as no different and is constantly seeking to support more of them. Today, Google Pay support has been added for sixteen more banks.


Chrome OS Linux apps to gain access to Android ‘Play files’ folder

Chrome OS is rapidly becoming a serious player in the Linux field. Now, Google seems to be further integrating the Linux app support with the existing Android app support by allowing the Chrome OS Linux apps to access files from the separated ‘Play files’.

For a long time, the only decent cloud storage provider for Chrome OS was Google Drive. Now, it seems Google is willing to open the door to other services on the ever-improving OS. To do this, they’re taking advantage of technology some providers have already implemented in their Android apps.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

November 19

Windows 10 is catching up with all the other operating systems by offering better support for ARM processors, but this means third-party developers will also need to work on making their apps faster in the new ecosystem. Google now seems to have begun work on Google Chrome for Windows 10 on ARM, with a little help from an unexpected ally.

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Google releases Dart programming language version 2.1, teases Flutter 1.0

Google has released a minor update to their Dart programming language, version 2.1, focused on improving its overall performance. These improvements have been promised to reach Flutter for its upcoming 1.0 release.

It’s that time of the year again: time to start buying gifts for the friends and loved ones in your life. For many, a new phone would make a perfect gift, but not all of us have the budget to give a flagship phone. We’ve slimmed down the massive number of affordable phones on the market to five in our Best Affordable Android Phones Gift Guide.

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Last week, the bombshell leak of the supposed “Pixel 3 Lite” hit the internet with a mixture of feelings. Today, we get our first preview of the kind of photos this budget Pixel will be able to take.

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November 16

Project Fi teases Black Friday, offers $799 service credit w/ purchase of two Pixel 3 phones

A representative for Google’s Project Fi (soon to be renamed Google Fi) took to Reddit today to announce the return of a deal for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and tease their Black Friday offerings.

November 15

Between the Pixel 3’s announcement at the 2018 Made by Google Event and its release two weeks later, the Google Store offered a $50 credit to incentivize pre-orders. These credits are now beginning to arrive, but what should you spend it on?

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Earlier this year, on the coattails of the latest Gmail redesign, Google announced that it was shutting down Inbox by Gmail by March of next year. While this announcement should have been enough of a nudge to transition many users off the platform, Google is now giving a stronger push, and not all Inbox users are liking what they find on the other side.

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Unveiled at CES earlier this year along with a host of other new Android TV devices, the Hisense H9E Plus is a no-nonsense Android TV featuring 4K resolution with HDR support and stunning audio at a solid price. I got the chance to try one out and was surprisingly impressed.

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The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have not been without their fair share of problems. Judging from our recent poll, many of you have run into at least one Pixel 3 issue or another. Another one of these issues, a strange buzzing noise on the Pixel 3 XL, has been confirmed to be getting a fix soon.

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Google is working hard to turn Chrome OS into more than just a browser, but a real, functional operating system for consumers of all kinds. Most recently, they’ve invited developers to the platform with Linux app support that enables all of their tools, including Android Studio, to work as expected. Soon, your Chrome OS and Google Drive files will be even more accessible to your Linux apps.

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Sharp Aquos R2 Compact almost justifies having two notches

Like it or not, the display notch is here to stay. It seems Sharp likes it enough to double down on notches for their latest phone. However, where some manufacturers have adopted the notch simply to follow the trend, the dual-notch setup of the Sharp Aquos R2 Compact is almost reasonable.

November 14

For many, myself included, text messages act as an archive of conversations, dating back years, transferred from phone to phone. For some users, the Pixel 3 seems to be completely deleting all of these messages. Though now there’s a simple fix that may work.

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November 13

Official G Suite Twitter account latest target of Bitcoin-related hacking spree

This week, Twitter has been hit with a massive influx of Bitcoin scamming. Bad actors are attempting to make their scams more appealing through the social platform via impersonation and outright hacking of celebrity and company accounts. Now, it seems, the G Suite Twitter account has been hacked, making Google the latest to have an account fall victim to the ridiculous scheme.

[Update: Day 2 keynote] Here’s where to watch the Chrome Dev Summit 2018 keynotes [Livestream]

Last week, we saw a variety of major announcements for Android at the Android Dev Summit, including fresh support for a new type of device called foldables. Today, Chrome is taking its turn in the spotlight, with Day 1 of the Chrome Dev Summit 2018. Here’s where to watch the opening keynote.

November 12

Today was Day 1 of the 2018 Chrome Dev Summit, and among the other announcements shared, this one seemed to slip under the radar. Squeezed between the announcement of Web.dev, a new developer resource website, and a demonstration of VisBug, a browser-based visual development tool, was a minor note that registration would soon be open for the .dev top-level domain.

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Just over a month ago, we reported that the Google Play Store was enacting a new policy to help curb call and text data leaks. In the announcement, Google promised that some apps which didn’t meet the strict new criteria would be able to apply for an exemption to the policy. Popular Android automation app, Tasker, has been thoroughly denied such an exemption.

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