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April 17

In an attempt to completely block the Telegram service in its country, the Russian government has broadly blocked Google and Amazon’s cloud services.

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April 16

John Oliver calls out Google, Apple, and others over not paying corporate taxes [Video]

John Oliver, host of the irreverent HBO series, Last Week Tonight, called out a number of companies, including Google, about not paying corporate taxes in the US.

April 13

This week on Fuchsia Friday, we take count of Fuchsia’s development team and highlight some of its members. The backgrounds of Fuchsia’s contributors are widely varied, including those from RedHat, FreeBSD, Danger, BeOS, iOS and more. Let’s take a look at some of these, and have fun speculating what it might mean for the behind-the-scenes OS that is Fuchsia…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

April 6

Fuchsia Friday is back with your fix of Fuchsia information. This week, we’re looking at how Fuchsia handles graphics differently and what that might mean for gaming and VR.

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March 23

This week on Fuchsia Friday, we get to take a look at our most requested topic: Maxwell, the smarts behind Fuchsia.

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March 21

Director of Information Security Engineering leaves Google as industry-wide privacy concerns grow

Google has lost a member of its Information Security team. These past few weeks have been a tumultuous time in terms of Information Security, with recent allegations against Facebook including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but it’s unclear the reasoning behind his departure.

March 19

In Raleigh, NC, (via WRAL) it’s been discovered that local police have issued search warrants for Google to surrender data on Google Accounts that are near crime scenes within a given window of time.

It should seem obvious to users of Google Maps that Google keeps record of your location over time. Less obvious is that even with GPS disabled, Google still has a decent idea where you are, using other factors like cell towers and WiFi networks. This is true whether you use an Android phone or the Google app on an iPhone, including innocuous ones like Inbox by Gmail.

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March 16

When describing the organization of Fuchsia code, Google uses a “layer cake” metaphor. Fuchsia is the name of the project as a whole and of the finished product (we presume), but under the hood there are 4 distinct layers that it’s divided into. This week’s Fuchsia Friday details each layer and what we know about them.

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March 14

In an effort to protect consumers, Google has announced a new policy for AdWords relating to cryptocurrency. Basically, cryptocurrency ads are over. expand full story

March 9

If something isn’t growing, it’s dying. With the slew of neglected devices not receiving Android Oreo, it could be argued that the update system is one of Android’s fatal flaws. Fuchsia is trying to be different. This week in Fuchsia Friday we look at Fuchsia’s ambitious update system.

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March 8

Android P DP1: New “Lockdown” feature allows for temporarily increasing lockscreen security

Over the years, Android has added many ways to make it easier to securely unlock your phone. However, some argue that these features allow intruders easier access into your device. With Android P, Google is taking a step in the opposite direction by introducing an interesting countermeasure.

Android P DP1: Refined vibration controls in Settings

The latest major Android update is chock full of big changes, but sometimes the finer details are worth noting. Android P includes one such quality of life change with the ability to adjust vibration strength.

March 5

Indie developer creates online demo of Fuchsia’s Capybara layout

As excitement grows for Google’s highly anticipated OS, Fuchsia, some people are investing their time and talents into fan projects. One such person is Noah Cain, who has developed a working demo of Fuchsia’s Capybara design, for the browser.

March 2

Earlier this week, Google’s new cross-platform mobile app framework Flutter hit Beta. To celebrate that, let’s take a closer look at what Flutter is doing for app development today, and how it’s preparing developers and users alike for Fuchsia.

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February 23

This week in Fuchsia Friday we look at the bigger picture. Google is making Fuchsia fundamentally different from systems of the past, especially learning from the challenges the company has encountered with Android. But now that we’ve taken a few weeks to describe some of its more important elements in detail, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. Let’s check out the building blocks and terminology that Google uses to describe Fuchsia’s “modular” design.

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Android’s Head of Platform Security moves over to the Fuchsia team

The development of potential Google’s in-the-works Fuchsia OS is gradually getting more and more interesting. This afternoon, the Fuchsia OS team gained a valuable new team member, as Head of Platform Security for Android transferred to work on the fledgling OS.

February 22

We’ve slowly been learning more about Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS, but given how different it is from Android, we can’t take anything for granted. It was easy to assume that Assistant would be back, but today we’ve gotten accidental confirmation from discussed changes to the source code.

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February 16

With Fuchsia, Google’s upcoming OS for phones and computers, comes a chance to revamp and rebuild existing Android experiences and build them deeper into the operating system. In this week’s Fuchsia Friday, we’re looking closer at how Fuchsia has replaced the app drawer, and what seems to be an exciting reimagining of Instant Apps-like functionality.

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February 12

Unilever threatens to pull ads from Google and others

Unilever, the owner of brands like Dove, Country Crock, and Popsicle, recently put social advertising platforms like YouTube and Facebook on notice by threatening to pull its ads unless they take action to help remove “toxic content.”

February 9

Two weeks ago, we learned about Fuchsia’s Stories and Modules, and how they will help us better organize our time, tasks, and ideas. This week, we’re looking at the idea of entities, Fuchsia’s attempt to catalog the digital world to be read by Assistant. Entities are also part of the glue that holds disparate “modules” together into one coherent Story.

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