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Kyle Bradshaw joined 9to5Google in 2018 with a special interest in Google’s Fuchsia OS, rooted in his experience of being the first to offer a visual preview of the revolutionary design of the in-development operating system. Since then, his attentions have broadened to include the secrets hidden within other areas of Google’s public codebases.

By reading the public Fuchsia OS code, Kyle was able to prove the existence of the Nest Mini and the Nest Hub Max months ahead of their respective announcements. With evidence from Chromium, he reported on Google’s since-cancelled efforts to create an offshoot of Android designed for “touchless” feature phones.

In 2018, Kyle reported on three distinct Made by Google Chromebooks in development, the Pixel Slate, the Pixelbook Go — a full year before its release — and “Meowth,” the original version of the Pixel Slate that was cancelled due to Intel’s delays that year. For Chrome OS itself, Kyle was the first to demonstrate the upcoming light theme redesign in action.

Looking at the early evidence of the Pixel 5’s specs, Kyle accurately predicted in February 2020 that the Pixel 5 might not be a traditional “flagship” phone. In 2021, he reported that Google’s next headset would be the “Pixel Buds A”.

Kyle contributes to the APK Insight column at 9to5Google, discovering the hidden changes in Google’s apps. These efforts have revealed hotly anticipated features, details about upcoming devices, and unexpected connections between companies.

He can be reached for tips or just friendly chat by Twitter or email. If you’re looking for his other works or just want to play a game together on Stadia, head over to Kyle’s personal portfolio.


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September 18

For over a year now, we’ve been watching with anticipation as Google develops its first foldable Pixel phone, codenamed “Passport.” Thanks to details in the upcoming Android 12.1, we’ve learned that Google has another foldable Pixel in the works, codenamed “Jumbojack.”

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September 17

Stadia gains official support for 11 more Samsung devices including Galaxy Tab series

Google Stadia has picked up support for 11 more Samsung devices today, including the Galaxy S21, Galaxy Tab series, and more.

Google Phone is the latest app to get a Material You makeover ahead of Android 12’s release later this year.

Update: Within days of the Material You design rolling out, Google Phone has gained the dynamic colors to match, for some.

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September 16

The latest update to the Google TV app, in many areas still known as Play Movies & TV, gives us our best look yet at the upcoming phone-based remote for Android TV devices.

Update: As of version 4.28, we’re now able to preview the Quick Settings tile for the Google TV app’s upcoming remote.

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Google Doodle honors Michiyo Tsujimura, chemist and green tea researcher

The latest Google Doodle honors Michiyo Tsujimura, the Japanese chemist best known for her in-depth research into green tea.

September 15

One of the biggest question marks about the Pixel 6 series is how its debut “Google Tensor” chip will perform compared to phones powered by Snapdragon processors. Thanks to newly shared benchmarks, we have a better idea of how the Pixel 6 Pro will perform compared to the Pixel 5 and Galaxy S21.

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Leaked tidbits from a real Pixel 6 Pro unit suggest that the included Google Tensor chip may be one of the fastest chips available for Android phones.

Update: Even more precise details have come to light.

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Samsung September 2021 security update is now rolling out for these Galaxy devices

After years of Google taking the lead in rolling out security updates to their phones, Samsung has consistently been the one to debut a new month’s Android update in recent months. The September 2021 security update is no different, with Samsung having rolled out the upgrade to these Galaxy devices.

September 14

Google Doodle honors Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde, founder of National Association of Hispanic Nurses

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, Google is celebrating the life of Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde, the founder of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.

You can now use Pixel Buds and Galaxy Buds with Nintendo Switch; here’s how

With the latest update to the Nintendo Switch, you can now pair Bluetooth headphones including Google Pixel Buds and Samsung Galaxy Buds. Here’s how to get started.

Google is working on a redesign of Android Auto that borrows elements from Material You and makes your notifications more easily accessible.

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September 11

In this week’s top stories: advertising campaign begins for the Pixel 6, Google revamps its Weather applet, Android 12 Beta 5 releases, and more.

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September 10

Ahead of Android 12’s launch later this year, our team has discovered that Google Translate has a Material You revamp in the works, it’s first major redesign in over five years — here’s an early look.

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September 8

Breaking from the recent yearly release cadence, the next version of Android to release might be a mid-cycle bump — an “Android 12.1,” if you will — rather than Android 13.

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Google Doodle honors EDM artist Tim Bergling, aka Avicii [Video]

The latest “Doodle” to grace the Google.com homepage is dedicated to Tim Bergling, the Swedish musician better known as Avicii, for what would’ve been his 32nd birthday.

Just a day after its first security update became available, Google’s latest affordable phone, the Pixel 5a, is now eligible to join the Android 12 Beta.

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The latest update to Google’s Flutter SDK, version 2.5, includes better support for full-screen Android apps, Material You widgets, and more while the Dart programming language gains Apple Silicon support.

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September 7

Katamari Damacy Reroll, a remake of the 2004 PlayStation 2 classic, has been launched like a star, into the cloud, by way of Google Stadia.

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September 4

In this week’s top stories: Google sends out another wave of “Pixel Superfans” invites, Assistant readies a way to skip saying “Hey Google,” Messages rolls out a new attachments picker, and more.

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September 3

Google is working with Antmicro on a “Human Presence Sensor” for upcoming Chromebooks, which could be used for face unlock or other long-awaited Chrome OS features.

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