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Kyle has formed an obsession with Google’s Fuchsia OS. He knows it’s going to be the next big thing, but also knows he has to prove that before others will believe it. When not writing about Fuchsia, he can often be found deep in the coal mines of Android and Chromium Gerrit or developing various side projects. He can be reached for tips or just friendly chat by Twitter or email. Kyle@9to5mac.com

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In this week’s top stories: OnePlus returns to mid-range phones with the upcoming “OnePlus Z,” Google’s Pixel Buds arrive at the FCC in preparation for release, Samsung launches the well-rounded Galaxy Tab A 8.4 at an affordable price point, and more.

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March 26

As we all work together to practice safe social distancing, we’re finding and adapting ways to replace that personal connection between friends, family, and co-workers, especially through video calling. To help more of us stay connected, Google Duo is expanding its group calling capabilities to allow up to 12 people into a single group call.

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As we face this time of crisis together, one of the most important things we can do — aside from washing your hands and maintaining social distance — is combat misinformation with the truth. To that end, the World Health Organization is preparing to launch an official Android, iOS and Web app for news, tips, alerts, and more to keep you informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As we face this pandemic together and do our part to stay home and contain the spread, many of Google’s various projects are being forced to change their timelines, with Chrome being the prime example. The latest Google project to share revised plans in response to the COVID-19 crisis is the Go programming language (or Golang).

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March 25

With the rise of Android and Linux app support on Chrome OS, the possibilities for a high-end Chromebook have never been greater. Combined with the new tablet form factor, Chrome OS is becoming quite the all-in-one operating system. Let’s take a look at the best Chromebooks on the market today, as of March 2020.

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Without a doubt, Virtual Desks are the best feature to launch for Chrome OS power users over the last year, allowing you to organize your thoughts, apps, and tasks into separate “desks.” However, the classic Alt-Tab shortcut to quickly swap between your most recent windows does not currently respect the separation of your desks, but that’s about to change.

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[Update: Crew 2 on sale] Ubisoft announces Monopoly for Google Stadia, release date for The Crew 2

No game publisher seems more onboard with the ideas and ambitions of Google Stadia than Ubisoft, who is set to launch a uPlay+ subscription that gives access to many of their games on Stadia. Filling out that service’s library, Ubisoft has today announced that Monopoly will be coming to Stadia, along with a release date and new information about The Crew 2.

March 23

Google Doodle celebrates Banh Mi, the Vietnamese sandwich

Today’s Google Doodle celebrating Banh Mi, the traditional Vietnamese street vendor sandwich, is sure to get your mouth watering.

Undoubtedly, the way that the console wars are won is through exclusive titles. So far, Google Stadia has been a bit lacking in that department, with only timed exclusives branded as “First on Stadia” titles. Today, the studio Splash Damage has announced a proper exclusive title is in the works for Google Stadia.

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Last week, it was announced that Google would be pausing its standard update schedule for Chrome and Chrome OS, instead keeping version 80 running well with bug and security fixes. Now we’re learning that, due to these delays, there won’t even be a version 82 of Chrome or Chrome OS.

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March 21

In this week’s top stories: OnePlus gets a new yet familiar looking logo, Google Camera gets review bombed by frustrated Pixel 2 owners, the Google Store accidentally marks the Pixel 4 down to “free,” and more.

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March 20

Doom 64 coming to Google Stadia, free to buyers of Doom Eternal

In 1997, Midway Games released the third title in their Doom series, fittingly titled Doom 64, as it was an exclusive for the Nintendo 64. More than 20 years later, Doom 64 has made a comeback with a new remake of nearly all platforms, including Google Stadia.

In the most recent Pixel Feature Drop, Google launched easy access to your “Cards & Passes” from Google Pay by way of the power menu. As of the latest Android 11 Developer Preview, launched earlier today, Cards & Passes is set to be replaced in the power menu with something called “Quick Controls” that appears to make smart home shortcuts easier to access.

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March 19

As we are all facing the coronavirus pandemic together as a global community, Google is using its platform as the most popular search engine to replace its homepage logo in nearly every country around the world with a Doodle honoring Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, “the father of infection control” and a pioneer in hand washing.

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Last month, Google was found to have filed a trademark for an “operating system” by the name of “Pigweed.” Today, Google is officially taking the wraps off of Pigweed, a collection of open source libraries or “modules” for developers who work on embedded devices — not an operating system.

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Google Doodle celebrates the onset of the spring season

Today is the spring equinox, which means we’re entering into a brand new season. With the new season comes a renewed hope for the future, and a new Google Doodle to celebrate the spring season.

March 18

The Google Stadia app updated on Android and iOS this week, and while things don’t look any different on the surface, we’ve found that Google is prepping to bring wireless Stadia Controller support to Android, along with a mention of “Pro-only games.”

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The Android 11 Developer Preview, as the name implies, is primarily intended to be an early preview of Android 11’s changes so developers can make their apps compatible long before it launches. However, sometimes upcoming Pixel-exclusive features leak through, as is the case with “Columbus” which lets you do things like invoking the Google Assistant with a double-tap on the back.

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In the world of Android development, you need to connect your computer to your phone, usually via a USB cable, in order to transmit your app to your phone. To simplify and modernize this process, Android 11 Developer Preview 2 includes a new “Wireless debugging” setting to let you connect ADB over a Wi-Fi network.

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Last year, Google began the process to acquire Fitbit to bolster its own fitness and hardware capabilities. While the business end of that deal is still ongoing, Fitbit appears to be moving forward with their next hardware launch, as a new fitness tracker has been listed with the FCC.

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