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Kyle Bradshaw joined 9to5Google in 2018 with a special interest in Google’s Fuchsia OS, rooted in his experience of being the first to offer a visual preview of the revolutionary design of the in-development operating system. Since then, his attentions have broadened to include the secrets hidden within other areas of Google’s public codebases.

By reading the public Fuchsia OS code, Kyle was able to prove the existence of the Nest Mini and the Nest Hub Max months ahead of their respective announcements. With evidence from Chromium, he reported on Google’s since-cancelled efforts to create an offshoot of Android designed for “touchless” feature phones.

In 2018, Kyle reported on three distinct Made by Google Chromebooks in development, the Pixel Slate, the Pixelbook Go — a full year before its release — and “Meowth,” the original version of the Pixel Slate that was cancelled due to Intel’s delays that year. For Chrome OS itself, Kyle was the first to demonstrate the upcoming light theme redesign in action.

Looking at the early evidence of the Pixel 5’s specs, Kyle accurately predicted in February 2020 that the Pixel 5 might not be a traditional “flagship” phone. In 2021, he reported that Google’s next headset would be the “Pixel Buds A”.

Kyle was the first to report that the Pixel 6 would mark the debut of Google’s in-house processors, later revealed to be the Tensor chips.

Kyle contributes to the APK Insight column at 9to5Google, discovering the hidden changes in Google’s apps. These efforts have revealed hotly anticipated features, details about upcoming devices, and unexpected connections between companies.

He can be reached for tips or just friendly chat by Twitter or email. If you’re looking for his other works or side projects, head over to Kyle’s personal portfolio.


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The month of March has arrived, which means spring is almost here. It also means that it’s time for Samsung to roll out the March 2023 security patch to its many Galaxy phones – here’s the full list of devices with the update.

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Have you ever been unsure of how best to reply to a friend? Google Messages is readying a new AI generation feature that could make replying to text messages easy as can be.

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March 21

March Google System Updates: Wallet loyalty card tweaks, more [Updated]

Google System Updates for March 2023 give you more control over the loyalty/rewards cards in your Google Wallet, and more.

March 20

Google is preparing a new feature for the Pixel 8 Pro that would combine multiple cameras to take even better Night Sight photos.

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March 17

Google is preparing to shut down the app responsible for the Jacquard accessories made by Google ATAP.

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In the latest version of Google Contacts, the company is preparing a new way to get notified when it’s a friend or family member’s birthday.

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March 16

After debuting Photo Unblur on the Pixel 7 series, Google is preparing a new Video Unblur tool to make your videos look crisp and clear, along with a handful of video effects.

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March 15

Ahead of the two devices’ upcoming launches, the Google Pixel 7a and Nothing Ear (2) have gotten approval from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

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In an unusual change, Pixel owners who install the latest Android 13 QPR3 Beta may spot a noticeable shift in the colors shown on the display.

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Google has announced today that it will no longer be selling its Glass Enterprise Edition 2 headsets, with support set to be discontinued later this year.

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March 14

Google Doodle celebrates the taste and aroma of Filipino adobo

Today’s Google Doodle is in celebration of adobo, which is both a style of cooking and a mainstay dish of Filipino cuisine.

With all eyes on generative AI products like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s new Bing, and Google’s upcoming Bard, Google has built PaLM and MakerSuite as new ways to help developers experiment with creating their own AI-powered projects.

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At the Google for Games Summit, it was announced that Play Games on PC is set to expand to new regions and pick up a few new games along the way.

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At the Google for Games Summit, Google announced the launch of free machine translation for Android apps. This will make it easier for developers to launch their apps in seven languages.

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March 13

Google is preparing a Chrome “Search Companion” as a helpful new way to search the web, using Lens to give additional context about the current page.

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March 12

Now that we know when Google I/O 2023 will take place, here’s what we’re expecting to see at Google’s annual conference, along with our biggest stories of the past week.

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March 11

Judging from the latest leaks, the Google Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet are both just around the corner. Matching that, Google appears to be readying more features and tidbits in Android 14 that look perfect for the upcoming Pixel foldable and tablet.

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March 8

It seems that when Google shut down Stadia for consumers, Google Cloud also formally discontinued its B2B offering, “Immersive Stream for Games.”

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Google is preparing a delightful new “Emoji Lab” wallpaper creator for Pixel phones, allowing you to craft your own wacky looking backgrounds.

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For the last few years, the Android team has been working on ways to improve the back gesture, making it more clear what going back will actually do. With the latest Android 14 preview, the Settings app has a predictive back gesture that can show which page you’ll be going back to.

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