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Kyle has formed an obsession with Google’s Fuchsia OS. He knows it’s going to be the next big thing, but also knows he has to prove that before others will believe it. When not writing about Fuchsia, his interests lean somewhat political, especially at the intersection of politics and technology. He can be reached for tips or just friendly chat by Twitter or email. Kyle@9to5mac.com


Flutter Release Preview 2 brings ‘pixel-perfect iOS apps’, more

In its second and final Release Preview before 1.0, Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework, has added and updated dozens of iOS-themed widgets, for ‘pixel-perfect’ iOS app experiences.

September 20

Android development has long only been possible on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. That changed with the release of Chrome OS 69 and Linux app support. Here’s how you can start developing Android apps from Android Studio on Chrome OS.

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Google Cloud launches Cloud Source Repositories beta for developers

When Google Code, Google’s free hosting for open source projects, began shutting down in 2015, the developer community was reasonably upset. Google seems to have taken some of that criticism to heart with the launch of the Cloud Source Repositories beta, while adding powerful new features for enterprise customers.

September 17

Google has long been at work trying to get their Chromium web browser up and running on their upcoming, work-in-progress Fuchsia operating system. We now get to see the first fruits of that effort, with a hands-on look at Chromium for Fuchsia.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

September 14

Fabric shutting down next year as Crashlytics moves to Firebase

Early last year, it was announced that Google had acquired Fabric mobile developer tools, to complement the Firebase app development framework they had acquired in 2014. At that time, there was no action required by developers to continue using the service. Today, Fabric has released an official migration guide and roadmap including a shutdown estimate.

Over the past several days, we’ve put the spotlight on two devices, ‘Atlas‘ and ‘Nocturne‘, both of which we have many reasons to believe could be unveiled next month as part of the next generation of Made by Google Chromebooks. However, there’s a third story to be told — one of ‘Meowth’, the Google device that the company might have been forced to scrap.

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September 13

A report in February said that Google was quietly working on a video game streaming service, codenamed Yeti, to rival PlayStation Now and Nvidia GeForce Now. Now, a mention of Yeti popped up this afternoon in an interesting place — the public Chromium source.

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September 11

Chrome OS Canary now offers native SMB file sharing support

Chrome OS is gaining better native support for SMB file sharing, one of the most common Windows file server protocols.

Google Photos Library API now publicly available to developers

Google has announced the general availability of its new Google Photos Library API, designed to help developers create new experiences for (or at least help organize) our Google Photos libraries.

September 10

With the Made by Google event a mere month away, excitement for Pixel devices is reaching a fever pitch. But despite the borderline humorous number of leaks of the Pixel 3 XL, we have next to nothing solidified about Google’s Chrome OS plans. Today we’re digging into a second device, Atlas, that we believe could be a successor to the Pixelbook.

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September 5

Brydge, maker of high-end keyboards for tablets like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro, appears to be making a Chromebook keyboard with a unique feature not found on their current offerings.

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It’s been less than a year since the release of Google’s Pixelbook, yet all signs point to us seeing the next generation of the Pixelbook line later this year. If this is the case, we believe the most likely candidate to be a Made by Google device (of the many we’ve seen so far) is a Chromebook currently codenamed “Nocturne“. Here’s what we think we know about this upcoming device.

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August 31

Things have been relatively quiet in the Fuchsia scene as of late, but development work has not ceased. Today on Fuchsia Friday, we take another look at Fuchsia’s device prototypes as found in its source code, including a brand new one.

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August 30

Google releases Tink, a simple, cross-platform cryptography library

As (increasingly frequent) data leaks have proven, encryption is hard, and good encryption can be even harder. Today, Google has announced the first major release of Tink, an open-source, cross-platform library designed to make secure encryption easier for developers to use correctly.

Chrome OS getting new fingerprint UI, hints at future Chromebooks

Thanks to a recent commit, found by Chrome Unboxed, we learn that Chrome OS is getting a new UI for setting up fingerprint authentication, bringing it in line with Android.

August 29

Version 1.11 of the Go programming language was released over the weekend, just in time for GopherCon 2018, where Google announced the release of draft designs to be potentially implemented in ‘Go 2.’

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Google Cloud grants $9M to continued development of Kubernetes

Today, Google has announced that it is granting $9M in Google Cloud credit to further the development of the Kubernetes container orchestration system.

August 28

President Trump claims Google is rigging search results against him [Updated]

Early this morning, the President of the United States tweeted of his discontent toward Google’s search results, claiming a bias toward left-wing media. In his tweets, the President claims that searching for the phrase “Trump news” primarily returns results from “National Left-Wing Media” with Republican and conservative publications being “shut out.”

August 21

Google Cloud Platform now offers cryptographic hardware as a service

Google Cloud Platform is launching a new hardware-based offering to complement its Cloud Key Management Service with new standards compliant key generation methods to help customers with their most sensitive information.

Google Assistant can now share curated, uplifting news to brighten your day

Anyone with a TV can tell you there’s a lot of bad news in the world today, and with the volume of bad news, it’s hard to parse the good. Google Assistant is now doing something to help combat the negativity, by introducing a new feature.

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