From time to time the folks at Google release fun little games that showcase the company’s different services. Its latest experiment is an emoji scavenger hunt that challenges you to find and take pictures of the real-life versions of your favorite emoticons.

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The emoji scavenger hunt uses Google’s AI and machine learning services to identify the corresponding real-life object. When you start the game, you will be given a time limit to point your phone’s camera at whatever the experiment is directing you to find. You will be granted additional time the further you get into the game.

Unfortunately, Google’s AI isn’t foolproof. Those who have gone multiple levels into the experiment say that sometimes the AI element doesn’t correctly identify all objects. This means that the game sometimes won’t let you proceed when you hold up the correct item and sometimes it can be tricked with a similar looking article.

If you want to test out Google’s emoji scavenger hunt, head to on your smartphone.

Via The Verge

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