With the release of the Android P Beta Program, Google is officially letting users try out gesture-based navigation controls. But these aren’t enabled by default, so here’s how to turn them on.

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How to enable gesture navigation controls

  1. Enable Swipe up on Home button
  2. Start swiping

1. Enable Swipe up on Home button

The new option to allow gesture controls is rightly kept in the Gestures settings menu that was introduced in Android Oreo. To reach this, fully swipe down on the notification tray and tap on the gear icon. Next, scroll to the bottom of the list and select System. Lastly, choose the Gestures option.

In this menu, you should see Swipe up on Home button midway down the list. Tap on this, and you will be given a quick description of the feature:

To switch apps, swipe up on the Home button. Swipe up again to see all apps. Works from any screen. You’ll no longer have an Overview button on the bottom right of your screen.

When you’re ready, toggle this option on to enable the gesture navigation controls.

2. Start swiping

Now, when you lightly swipe up, you will be taken to the new landscape Recents/Overview menu which shows previously opened apps. Swiping up again will bring you to the app drawer. Lastly, tapping on the Home button/pill will take you back to your homescreen.

Check out this Android Basics tutorial to help you utilize the new gesture navigation controls.

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