Early last year Google announced that it was partnering with Uber to offer integration with the popular ride-sharing service directly within Google Maps. Now, though, that functionality is going away.

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Google quietly revealed on a support page (via Android Police) that it would be removing this direct integration, but provided no direct reason as to why. This functionality originally allowed users to quickly map out a route, check prices, and complete the process of booking a ride completely within the Maps application, never needing to hand anything off to Uber’s app.

Now, Google is strangely removing a big portion of that functionality. You’ll still be able to see prices and check out a route, but to actually book a ride you’ll need to move over to the Uber app itself. Maps now has a “request” shortcut that hands off to Uber in place of the “book” button.

It’s unclear exactly when this change took effect, as some users say that the iOS version of Google Maps saw this change last year. It was live on the Android version earlier this year, though. You can see what the functionality originally looked like in the video below.

The exact reason behind this is unknown, as Google hasn’t said anything besides “you can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps” on a support page.

It’s possible Uber pulled this to keep people using its own app, but there’s also the possibility that this has something to do with Google’s parent company Alphabet having a stake in Uber’s biggest competition, Lyft. The company has worked pretty closely with them lately on Material Design and Waymo has a significant deal with the ride-hailing service, too. 

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