Uber Stories November 7, 2019

Last year, the legal saga between Waymo and Uber came to a close following a $250 million settlement. An “independent software expert” was installed to ensure that the ride-hailing company does not leverage any Alphabet tech for its self-driving cars. Uber may now have to license from Waymo or redesign its vehicles to avoid any further trouble.

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Uber Stories August 27, 2019

Federal prosecutors charge Anthony Levandowski for stealing Google self-driving secrets

Early last year, Waymo reached a nearly quarter billion dollar settlement with Uber that ended an ongoing trial over stolen self-driving technology. Federal prosecutors today charged former Google and Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski with theft of the former company’s trade secrets.

Uber Stories April 11, 2019

Alphabet’s relationship with Uber is wide-ranging and increasingly contentious. The ridesharing company filed its S1 today ahead of an initial public offering. A number of details about the relationship were revealed, including Uber’s usage of Google Maps and the Waymo threat.

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Uber Stories September 5, 2018

Uber rider rating under 4? You may soon be banned from the service …

While you’re encouraged to rate your Uber driver at the end of each ride, not everyone is aware that your drivers also rate you. And if you have an average rating of less than four, that may spell bad news …

Uber Stories August 30, 2018

Uber and Lyft accused of using cheap and inadequate driver background checks

Both Uber and Lyft have been accused of placing rider safety at risk by using a budget background check service which fails to access the FBI criminal record database. As a result, the checks have missed the criminal records of at least 25 drivers …

Uber Stories July 27, 2018

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft making car congestion worse, not better, says study

One of the claims made by ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft is being challenged by a new report, which suggests that they make congestion worse, not better …

Uber Stories July 16, 2018

Uber rolling out two new(ish) ways to make it easier for your driver to find you

Uber makes it easy for your driver to get close to your location, but there are times when that last few hundred feet can be a major hassle …

Uber Stories July 9, 2018

Lime — you likely know them as purveyors of those bikes and scooters you see scattered all over the sidewalk — announced today that it’s raised $335 million in its latest funding round. Notably, the round was led by GV (the venture funding arm of Alphabet), and Alphabet itself had a part in it, too…

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Uber Stories June 25, 2018

Uber in court this week to appeal London ban; only seeking 18 month license

Uber was banned from operating in London back in September of last year, but immediately launched a legal appeal which allowed it to continue on a temporary basis until a court ruled on the matter …

Uber Stories June 19, 2018

Uber testing feature that offers a cheaper ride if you wait a few minutes

Regular Uber users will know that the same journey can be charged at quite different rates, depending on demand for rides and how many drivers are available in the area to provide them …

Uber Stories June 18, 2018

Early last year Google announced that it was partnering with Uber to offer integration with the popular ride-sharing service directly within Google Maps. Now, though, that functionality is going away.

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Uber Stories May 29, 2018

Uber 911 ‘panic button’ goes live in the USA to help address safety concerns

Uber hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to safety. In the UK, the company was threatened with being banned after concerns about poor driver vetting and handling of serious complaints, and there have even been reports of drivers assaulting passengers

Uber Stories March 5, 2018

Waymo is widely regarded as the leader in self-driving, so much so that Uber is willing to partner with the Alphabet division to supply autonomous vehicles for its ride service. This news comes following Uber’s settlement last month, as well as the company’s less combative stance.

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Uber Stories February 21, 2018

Uber launches first new service in three years, and it requires you to walk …

Uber has announced the US-wide rollout of its first new service in three years: a next-level version of its ride-sharing service UberPool, called Express Pool …

Uber Stories February 9, 2018

On the fifth day of the Waymo v. Uber trial in San Francisco, the two tech giants announced that they’ve reached a settlement. The case has officially been dismissed with Uber paying the Alphabet division approximately a quarter of a billion dollars.

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Uber Stories January 11, 2018

Uber had secret program called ‘Ripley’ that would nuke entire office’s electronics to thwart police raids

Uber is reported to have used remote shutdowns of computers to thwart police raids. It is said to have ‘routinely’ used the system more than 20 times between spring 2015 until late 2016, in places as far afield as Canada, Brussels and Hong Kong …

Uber Stories November 28, 2017

The Waymo case against Uber was due to begin in October, but was delayed to give the Alphabet division more time to examine last-minute evidence. Rescheduled to begin next week, the trial has again been postponed after information and other bombshell allegations that Uber withheld have surfaced.

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Uber Stories November 20, 2017

Uber makes it easier to connect with drivers with live location sharing & expanded beacon rollout

If you’ve ever experienced problems meeting up with your Uber driver, the company has today announced a couple of initiatives designed to make it easier …

Uber Stories October 26, 2017

Uber rolling out an app update to offer multiple destinations with bill-splitting

Uber is rolling out an update to its iOS and Android apps that allows you to specify multiple destinations. The existing bill-splitting feature also integrates with it when you’re using the facility to drop multiple people home at the end of a night out …

Uber Stories October 12, 2017

Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber was surprising on a number of fronts, including Google and Alphabet’s normal hesitancy towards suits. However, as it stated, Waymo found Uber’s actions a particularly large affront. Reuters has now discovered what Waymo is demanding from Uber in settlement talks to stop the case from going to trial.

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Uber Stories September 25, 2017

Update: Make that four approaches … CEO Dara Khosrowshahi  has also written a letter of apology to Londoners for the company’s failings.

We will appeal this decision on behalf of millions of Londoners, but we do so with the knowledge that we must also change […] We won’t be perfect, but we will listen to you; we will look to be long-term partners with the cities we serve; and we will run our business with humility, integrity and passion”.

Uber is trying three separate approaches to overturn a decision not to renew its operating license in London when it expires on Saturday …

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Uber Stories September 22, 2017

Uber has been told by London’s taxi regulatory authority that it will not be renewing the company’s license to operate when it expires in just over a week’s time.

Transport for London (TfL) says it concluded that the company was ‘not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence,’ citing four reasons …

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Uber Stories September 13, 2017

As the ongoing Waymo vs Uber legal saga nears next month’s trial, the Alphabet subsidiary has been granted access (via Gizmodo) to a key document related to the acquisition of Anthony Levandowski’s Otto startup. This due diligence report, which has been closely guarded, takes a look at the Googlers that eventually ended up at Uber.

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Uber Stories August 10, 2017

Uber adds in-app driver-rider chat facility for greater convenience and privacy

Uber is rolling out an app update that introduces a new chat feature, allowing riders and drivers to send messages to each other from within the app. Previously, communicating with the driver required a phone call or text message …

Uber Stories August 2, 2017

Last month, Uber was granted the ability to depose Alphabet CEO Larry Page as part of the ongoing Waymo suit. Following the release of a redacted transcript of the questioning today, Uber has asked a judge for more deposition time. At issue is the apparent lack of preparation on the part of Page with many “I don’t recall” answers.

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Uber Stories July 26, 2017

The latest twist and turn in the Waymo v. Uber suit sees the Alphabet division allege that an Uber law firm helped hide stolen information related to the acquisition of Anthony Levandowski’s self-driving start-up. As the suit heads closer to trial in October, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has just hired a former U.S. attorney to represent him.

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Uber Stories July 10, 2017

This past Friday saw a flurry of developments in Waymo’s case against Uber, including the Alphabet company toning down its patent infringement claims to focus on trade secret theft. As part of the upcoming October trial, a magistrate judge has granted Uber the ability to depose Larry Page.

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Uber Stories July 7, 2017

At the insistence of the presiding U.S. District Judge, Waymo has reduced the number of patent-infringement claims it is waging against Uber to all but one. Rather, the Alphabet division (via Bloomberg) will be focusing on the theft of trade secrets in its upcoming trial.

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Uber Stories June 28, 2017

Uber revealed today that some of its executives, including CEO Travis Kalanick, were aware that ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski possessed data from his previous employer. However, the ride-sharing service claims that at the time it did know about the proprietary nature of the data. Uber further argues that its former self-driving lead only took the information due to a bonus dispute with Google.

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Uber Stories June 27, 2017

Uber has been in the news for numerous reasons over recent weeks, most of which are certainly not positive and center on multiple controversies related to sexual harassment. Today, however, the company is rolling out a new feature that it hopes will help it expand its ride-hailing reach to those without a smartphone…

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Uber Stories June 22, 2017

According to new court documents, Uber’s now ex-CEO Travis Kalanick was aware that the ex-Googler Anthony Levandowski, then at his newly-founded startup Otto, had “discs” containing Google documents as far back as March 2016. Kalanick reportedly “conveyed” to Levandowski that he “should not bring any Google information into Uber.”

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Uber Stories June 20, 2017

Uber has today announced the addition of tipping along with 7 more updates to how it handles earnings for its drivers. This announcement is the first of many changes the company is looking to implement as Uber shared its “180 Days of Change” campaign in an email to drivers as well as a press release.

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Uber Stories June 6, 2017

Uber provides free rides to polling stations for wheelchair users in three UK cities

With Britain going to the polls in a national election on Thursday, Uber is playing its part in trying to ensure everyone is able to vote. The company is offering free rides to polling stations to wheelchair users in three UK cities.

Uber Stories May 30, 2017

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer at the center of Waymo and Uber’s legal battle, has been fired. This termination comes due to his continued refusal to cooperate in proceedings over whether the ride-sharing service stole Alphabet’s self-driving technology.

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Uber Stories May 10, 2017

Uber now allows you to save custom locations other than home and work

Rolling out today, Uber is making it easier for you to remember destinations other than your home and work addresses with Saved Places. Whether you visit a particular friend or relative’s house, restaurant, or even a park fairly often, it can get annoying trying to remember the exact address when hailing an Uber. Now, these saved locations can be saved as a shortcut…

Uber Stories April 28, 2017

Uber makes it easier to delete accounts, denies it’s in response to #DeleteUber campaign

Uber has announced that an update to the app rolling out over the next few weeks will make it easier for customers to delete their accounts. Previously, deleting the app did not remove your account from Uber servers, leaving your data in place …

Uber Stories April 27, 2017

According to a report this afternoon from Business Insider, Anthony Levandowski, the subject of a dramatic legal battle between Alphabet’s Waymo and Uber over alleged stolen self-driving car technology, has stepped aside from his role as lead of Uber’s Advanced Technologies group. Levandowski will reportedly continue overseeing operations and safety, however…

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Uber Stories April 13, 2017

In the latest development in Alphabet’s lawsuit against Uber over supposed theft of self-driving car technology, a judge is now asking Uber to detail exactly what Anthony Levandowski has been working on since he was hired…

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Uber Stories April 11, 2017

A little over a month ago, Google‘s parent company Alphabet — or, more specifically, its Waymo subsidiary — filed a lawsuit against Uber, which allegedly stole key information with regard to its self-driving technology.

Given that, beyond the lawsuit itself, Uber’s reputation is at stake, the ride-hailing company has tried to deny the accusations and kept things as quiet as possible ever since, but the Mountain View giant doesn’t seem to be exactly on the same page…

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Uber Stories March 10, 2017

Alphabet-owned Waymo is now asking a judge to stop Uber from using the self-driving car tech it claims the ride hailing company stole, in what is the latest development in a legal feud between the two companies. This news follows Waymo’s suit against Uber that was filed late last month over theft of key self-driving technology…

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Uber Stories February 24, 2017


Yesterday, we told you that Alphabet’s Waymo filed a lawsuit against ride hailing service Uber over the theft of key self-driving vehicle technology. Unsurprisingly, Uber has now come out with a statement (via Business Insider) denying that Waymo’s claims have any basis in reality…

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Uber Stories February 23, 2017


Earlier this afternoon, Alphabet’s Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber over the theft of a key component related to self-driving vehicles. Former employees working on Google’s self-driving project allegedly stole information before leaving for a start-up that has since been purchased by Uber. Additionally, Waymo alleges that Uber’s current LiDAR tech is near identical to the design pioneered by Google.

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Uber Stories February 15, 2017


When it comes to smartwatches, apps either make total sense on the wrist, or they don’t. Uber and Lyft are apps that make tons of sense since they can provide useful information at a glance, like smartwatches are designed to do. Now, nearly two years after it was first promised, Uber has finally delivered with an official app for Android Wear 2.0.

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Uber Stories January 12, 2017


Last year, Google Maps added the ability to see rides and estimates from Uber and other ride sharing services when looking for directions. This year, the rides interface on Android and iOS is getting a revamp, as well as direct Uber integration that allows you to book and pay for rides without leaving Maps.

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Uber Stories December 15, 2016


If you’ve ever had trouble trying to identify your Uber car at a busy location at night, the company has a plan to make it easier for driver and rider to spot each other. You select a color in the Android app and hold your phone up as the vehicle approaches, looking out for the same color in the car’s windshield …

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Uber Stories December 13, 2016

Thousands of employees still able to stalk Uber customers, say former security staff

Thousands of Uber employees are said to be still able to use ‘God view’ to track customers of the ride service in real time almost two years after the company claimed to have restricted access to the data. Employees of the company are said to be tracking both public figures and exes.

Uber Stories September 7, 2016

PSA: Android Pay offering 50% off of 10 Uber rides until October 15th

Google and Android Pay are now offering up a deal on rides through the popular ride-hailing service, Uber. For a limited time, if you set up Android Pay as your payment option on Uber, you will be given a 50% discount off of 10 rides between now and October 15.

Uber Stories August 30, 2016

self-driving car

According to a report this afternoon from The Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to launch a ride sharing service in San Francisco, California later this year to take on rivals Uber and Lyft. The new service is said to bring much cheaper rates in a market that is already intensely competitive. The move also has long-term implications for Google’s self-driving car project…

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