As the U12+ doesn’t have traditional power and volume buttons, HTC had to get creative when it came to taking screenshots on the phone. Here are two ways to capture things on your screen.

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How to take a screenshot on the HTC U12+

    1. Software button
    2. Google Assistant

Software button

Once you’ve found something you wish to capture, just swipe the on-screen navigation buttons to the left and you should see several new icons. Tap on the screen capture button which is represented by an icon of a phone. And that’s it. Your screenshot will then be saved to the device’s gallery.

Google Assistant

Additionally, you can use the Google Assistant to take a screenshot. After locating whichever content you would like captured, you can either long-press on the Home button or say “Ok/Hey Google” to launch the Assistant. From there, you can either say “Take a screenshot” or type the command in using your keyboard.

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