Samsung is generally not the quickest to delivering monthly security updates, but when they do, it often comes with an extra feature or two on top. For July’s security patch, Samsung has added a new option for super slow-motion videos on the Galaxy S9.

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Noted by Reddit users who have already installed the update, July’s monthly security update arrived with a new option for slow-motion recording. In addition to the 960fps recording mode, a new 480fps mode records in 720p for up to 0.4 seconds. In the final product, that gives users a 12-second video.

Interestingly, though, this mode actually replaces 960fps in manual mode. Auto mode still records super slow-motion videos at 960fps, though. This move makes sense for manual mode, as timing the split-second capture of the 960fps mode was difficult, to say the least. With 480fps at 0.4 seconds, users get twice the time to get it right versus 0.2 seconds.

This mode is rolling out to all Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners alongside the July security patch. So far, that’s only gone out to unlocked models, but should land on carrier units soon.

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