Today was Day 1 of the 2018 Chrome Dev Summit, and among the other announcements shared, this one seemed to slip under the radar. Squeezed between the announcement of, a new developer resource website, and a demonstration of VisBug, a browser-based visual development tool, was a minor note that registration would soon be open for the .dev top-level domain.

Back in 2015, Google caused some minor outrage in the developer community over their new rights to the .dev top-level domain, as many companies used .dev domains for internal testing websites. Two years later, Google’s acquisition of .dev, and its integration with Chrome and other browsers caused many of these testing pages to refuse to open altogether.

Fast forward to today, Google is now opening .dev, which was previously a private, Google-only top-level domain, to the public starting early next year. From January 16th to February 19th 2019, trademark holders are invited to claim the domain relevant to their trademark. This is obviously to help prevent the purchase of names like for malicious usage.

From February 19th through the 28th, an Early Access phase will take place, allowing registration at a higher cost. No number has been set on this price increase, but Google does say that the prices will gradually decrease until General Availability on February 28th.

Google is, of course, angling the .dev top-level domain for developers, likely in an effort in part to repair a bit of the damage done by originally acquiring the .dev name. And, just like the .app top-level domain launched earlier this year, HTTPS security is on by default.

You can learn more about the .dev top-level domain and get ready to snag your own from the official website.

9to5Google’s Take

Here’s hoping they’ll let me register come February.

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