Chrome Dev Summit 2018 Stories February 28, 2019

During Day 1 of the 2018 Chrome Dev Summit, among the other announcements shared, one seemed to slip under the radar. Squeezed between the announcement of, a new developer resource website, and a demonstration of VisBug, a browser-based visual development tool, was a minor note that registration would soon be open for the .dev top-level domain.

Update 2: Registration is now open for .dev domains without any additional “Early Access” fees.

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Chrome Dev Summit 2018 Stories November 13, 2018

[Update: Day 2 keynote] Here’s where to watch the Chrome Dev Summit 2018 keynotes [Livestream]

Last week, we saw a variety of major announcements for Android at the Android Dev Summit, including fresh support for a new type of device called foldables. Today, Chrome is taking its turn in the spotlight, with Day 1 of the Chrome Dev Summit 2018. Here’s where to watch the opening keynote.

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