Last December, Google released a funny Christmas-themed ad called “Home Alone Again” that saw Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin McCallister. Featuring a smart home with Google Assistant devices, the company today posted what is essentially a reaction video of Joe Pesci watching that ad.

Joe Pesci starred in 1990’s Home Alone as the incompetent, but hilarious burglar Harry Lyme. He reprised his role in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York two yers later, and again very briefly during Home Alone Again.

In today’s one minute-long clip, Joe Pesci watches the original ad come on during a party with friends, and provides somewhat amusing commentary. He watches with rapped attention during his key “Better get outta here before somebody sees us” line, while the video ends on the “Make Google Do it” phrase and the Assistant logo.

Shorter versions of the original video were aired throughout the holiday season, while Google even posted a behind-the-scenes look.

Google’s release of this video over a month after the holiday season is odd, but it’s somewhat funny. The parts of the original ad emphasized onscreen again are the various Assistant interactions and devices.

Fortunately, Google used the fixed version of the ad with the correct Pixel 3 XL notch instead of a very large bezel. Watchers at the time immediately harped on that visual error, which led Google to quietly fix a day later without impacting the amassed view count.

Meanwhile, this is essentially a take on the YouTube-inspired reaction video format. The beginning of the clip briefly shows a generic football stadium, with this ad possibly serving as a “real-time” ad, much like previous YouTube TV promos during the NBA Finals.

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