It’s February, and that means we’re just weeks away from the next Samsung Unpacked event. In a leaked teaser that’s hit the web recently, we get some new looks at a few Samsung devices that appear to mainly be concepts. One look at a foldable phone has people talking, though, but sadly it’s (probably) not the real thing.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

The brief teaser has spread like wildfire over the web for the past several hours after it was leaked from Samsung Vietnam. In the video, seen below, Samsung shows off a bunch of new concepts for futuristic hardware. This includes a tablet with absolutely zero bezels (but still a huge logo), and also a smart mirror that works solely with gestures. There’s even a Note 9 which, using an attachment, works as an ultrasound device.

It’s all pretty cool, but what’s grabbing attention is the foldable phone shown about halfway through the video. Admittedly at first glance, this looks like an unintentional leak of what Samsung has already confirmed it will show off at its Unpacked event later this month. However, upon closer inspection, it quickly becomes obvious that this is simply a concept.

The foldable phone concept Samsung shows off in this video works the same as the one it teased last year. On the outside, there’s a functional display that unfolds height-wise to reveal a much larger display inside. However, the problem here comes down to the dimensions.

Firstly, the foldable phone hardware we saw has a much smaller screen on the outside with a larger one on the interior that still has some bezels surrounding it. The device shown in this leaked promo, however, has hardly any bezels on the front screen or the interior display. Pair that with the fact that the exterior display is a mere 4.58-inch panel, and it becomes very obvious that this isn’t the real thing and merely a concept.

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