Back at CES 2019 we took a look at Focals, a pair of smart AR glasses from North. Now, after barely a month on the market, Focals are getting a major price cut just ahead of new pop-up shops hitting the West Coast.

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In an effort to better align with what people expect to pay from their glasses, North is cutting the price of Focals to $599. That’s a $400 cut from the original $999 price tag and for those who ordered early, the company is even giving out refunds for the difference.

The base model Focals run $599, but that price goes up when you add on extras. Prescription lenses, for example, cost an extra $200 while premium lenses and alternate colors add $100 each. The new prescription lenses are available to fit a range between −4 to +2 SPH and 0 to − 2 CYL. Users who need these lenses simply upload the data before getting fitted for a pair of Focals.

North is also making it a bit easier for customers to get their hands on the product. In addition to the flagship stores already available in New York and Ontario, the company is preparing to open up pop-up showrooms on the West Coast. From February 19th, a showroom will be in Seattle and will head to the Bay Area soon afterward. The company also teases that more of these showrooms will be available “soon.” Reservations are available now.

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