Focals by North Stories June 30, 2020

The Made by Google hardware division this morning announced that it acquired North. This follows a report last week about the Canadian smart glasses maker looking for an acquisition amid dwindling resources.

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Focals by North Stories June 25, 2020

While Glass lives on as an enterprise product, it never came close to reaching Google’s wildly ambitious vision of replacing the smartphone. Others have since entered the smart glasses space, with North being one of the more notable players. Alphabet is now rumored to be acquiring North after Focals sold poorly.

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Focals by North Stories December 10, 2019

Back in February, Canadian startup North rolled out its Focals smart glasses in earnest with a notable price cut to start at $599. Over the past several months, updates added third-party integrations and native Android notifications support. The company teased Focals 2.0 for 2020 today and some key improvements.

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Focals by North Stories September 18, 2019

After Hours: Focals by North glasses, Alexa speaks Hindi, Facebook Portal

Some of the day’s biggest stories included a huge report about Google’s efforts with a “Pixel Watch,” new details on Android TV, as well as some news regarding Google Stadia’s popularity. In other news, Focals by North is getting a convenient new Showroom app, Alexa expands its language support, and more.

Focals by North Stories August 29, 2019

North Focals can now show native actions from Android notifications

North has released frequent updates for its Focals smart glasses since launching earlier this year. The latest makes native Android notification actions available in addition to smart replies and voice dictation.

Focals by North Stories July 3, 2019

North brings Google Tasks app to Focals smart glasses

After launching earlier this year, North discounted Focals from $999 to $599. Apps on these smart glasses are known as “abilities,” with Google Fit and Slides launching in May. The latest integration for Focals is a Google Tasks client to see and add new items.

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