Facebook’s Android app may not be the best-designed app available today, but it is one of the most used currently available. Now, Facebook is testing a redesign for its Android app that ditches the blue for an all-white theme.

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Noted by XDA-Developers this week, Facebook is testing a server-side change to its Android app which redesigns the app without an accent color. Where the previous version of Facebook for Android had a blue top bar, some button accents with the same color, and some gray colors throughout, the new design ditches all of that for white.

The top bar in this new design is entirely white with black buttons to go with it. The search bar adopts a gray color and a lot of the icons and menus get resized as well. Personally, I do love the new design quite a lot more. This new all-white design also more closely matches Facebook Messenger.

Currently, it doesn’t look like there’s an official dark mode with this new design, but given that the same functionality recently landed in Messenger, I’d bet the same is in the pipeline here.

This new all-white design seems to be in testing via a server-side switch for the Facebook app, so not everyone will see it.

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