One of the big gripe users had with Android Pie was the debut of Google’s new gesture navigation system. Many weren’t a fan of the system, and they were especially unhappy when Google’s Pixel 3 forced them into it with no way to revert back to the classic three-button navigation setup. Now, with the 3rd Android Q beta, that option is back.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Quickly upon installing Android Q Beta 3, Pixel users will find three different navigation options. There’s the “two-button” system with the “pill” and contextual back button, the completely revamped gestures that are new to Android Q, and the classic three-button option which was never on the Pixel 3.

Just like the Pixel 2 family, this means you can switch back to the Back-Home-Recents array that’s been on Android for years now. For users familiar with the system, this is a very welcome change.

It’s unclear if this is just something for the beta or if Google intends to leave this option in the final Android Q release, but if the latter is the case, quite a few users are going to be happy about it.


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