Android Q Beta Stories March 18

Android Q beta 1 on Pixel and Pixel 2 can now be rooted, Pixel 3 is ‘coming’

We reported just a few days ago that the Magisk developer John Wu tweeted some bad news for anyone looking to root Android Q. Well, despite the difficulties in rooting Android Q anyone with the original Google Pixel or Pixel 2 can now root their devices.

Hidden setting in Android Q lets you remap Active Edge on Pixel 2, Pixel 3

The Active Edge feature is a neat addition to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, allowing both devices to go without a dedicated Google Assistant button. Should you be willing to root or install a third-party app, a new hidden setting gives you the ability to reassign the squeeze function to another assistant on your Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 handset.

Android Q Beta Stories March 16

Early last year, the Google Phone app introduced a chat head notification for quick in-call controls. In Android Q, Google is working on a “bubble” experiment that by default presents all notifications as compact chat heads.

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Android Q Beta Stories March 15

Android Q will see five more betas in the coming months before its public release. In that ensuing development period, Google will polish Android, add new features, and remove others. An upcoming one could be the ability to customize the clock that appears on your lock screen and AOD.

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Every Android release in recent years has iterated on the Ambient Display, with Android Q today making a handful of tweaks. Currently playing media is now displayed underneath the time, while battery status has been moved to a more logical location.

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Among the other small tweaks in Android Q’s settings menu, it seems Google has made some alterations to the app info page. Not only does it get a slight redesign, but also some new functionality.

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