Google Pixel 3 Overview Updated February 18, 2020

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Google Pixel 3 Stories February 18

The fall events of 2019 are behind us, and the mid-range Pixels are set to arrive sometime this Spring, and that means there are likely some phones coming up that you’re interested in! So what are you to do with all your old gear? You should trade it in, and we’ve put together all the best trade deals for Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more below…

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Google Pixel 3 Stories February 14

Coming as part of the first official Pixel Feature Drop, Call Screening and its automated answering service has now steadily rolled out to all Pixels in the United States. However, with this rollout, it appears that some Pixel owners are now unable to save audio from the Call Screen.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories January 14

One long-requested feature for Android finally popped up in Android 10’s beta releases, but it didn’t end up in the final release, unfortunately. However, there is a trick to bring it back. Here’s how to enable Android’s built-in screen recorder on Google Pixel devices.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories January 1

A big part of the Pixel’s appeal is that it gets new updates very quickly. However, in recent months, that hasn’t been the case. As we kick off the new year, some Pixel 3 owners still haven’t gotten the December security update and all of the goodies it brings with it. Thankfully, it’s not far off.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories December 19, 2019

As it turns out, the Pixel 4 wasn’t always going to be the first Google phone with a high-refresh-rate display. In a podcast, the Pixel team confirmed that, at one point, there were talks of using a 120Hz LCD panel on the Pixel 3 instead of the 60Hz OLED panel we ended up with.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories December 12, 2019

One of the biggest benefits of a Google Pixel phone is that you’ll get updates and security patches in a timely manner, but for the past couple of months, Google has been lagging behind. The question begs to be asked, has your Pixel got the December update yet?

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