Google Pixel 3 Overview Updated March 9, 2020

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Google Pixel 3 Stories March 9

Thanks to the Android 11 DP1 and the recent Google Pixel Feature Drop, there was room for an automatic dark theme for Pixel owners. While it has been welcomed, it appears that this automatic dark theme doesn’t play nicely with every app.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories March 4

Google’s Pixel smartphones are very smart and, as Google likes to call them, helpful. Now, the device is picking up another handy trick. With the latest Pixel Launcher update, folder names will automatically be suggested based on apps.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories March 3

The March Pixel Feature Drop is here which means if you’re a Pixel owner, you’re about to get a ton of new features to enjoy on your smartphone.

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Google Pixel 3 Stories March 2

Android’s sharing menu is pretty solid, but one update we’ve been pretty excited about in Android 11 is the ability to pin apps to the share menu to ensure they always show at the top. If you have a Google Pixel smartphone, though, you won’t have to wait until Android 11 to pin apps to the share menu.

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It’s here! Three months after the first, Google has just released another Feature Drop for its Pixel smartphones, once again delivering a bunch of awesome new features. Every feature is going to be more useful for one person than another, though, so we’re curious — what’s your favorite?

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One of my favorite features of Google’s Pixel smartphones for the past couple of generations has been “Now Playing.” The effortless feature identifies music playing in the background, and, now, it’s fixing one source of frustration. Now Playing will no longer show songs you’re casting from Pixel.

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