For the past two Chrome releases on Android, Google has been slowly rolling out very useful Omnibox shortcuts to quickly take action on links. As of this weekend, these three tools are widely rolling out.

Tapping to expand Chrome’s address bar notes the current site you’re visiting,¬†complete with page name and URL. There are now three shortcuts at the right to quickly copy, share (via the system sheet), and edit. Clicking the pen icon will paste the URL into the Omnibox for immediate editing before entering.

Below that first entry in the list are frequently visited page suggestions that just feature an arrow at the right to quickly enter the URL. These three tools are only for your current page and disappear once you enter a new query or address into the Omnibox.

It’s very convenient especially for copying links with many users still having the tendency to manually select and copy addresses rather than accessing the system share sheet in the very long overflow menu.

Chrome Android share links

Chrome 73, which hit stable in March, has been A/B testing these quick actions for the Omnibox throughout the beta and developer releases. As of Chrome 74, they are widely rolled out on several Android devices we checked this morning.

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