Android Auto just went through a huge redesign and, following that, an update to Google Maps on the platform rolled out as well. Now, we’re seeing a slight tweak to the Google Maps interface on Android Auto hit some users with a logo in place and more.

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Over the weekend, we spotted this slight tweak to the Google Maps interface on Android Auto which modifies the search bar present in the app. That search bar previously simply had the text “Google Maps” in an unassuming font alongside a search icon. That icon remains, but the text now uses a proper Google logo alongside “Maps” using a Google font on Android Auto. It’s a visually pleasing tweak if you ask me.

Further, the box which also shows your usual shortcuts such as “Home” or “Work” now has rounded corners instead of the boxy design that was previously used. This fits in much better with the overall look of the new Android Auto.

When that box isn’t present, the search bar now looks a lot like what you’d see on a smartphone. There’s also a smooth animation to expand that box.

As minor a change as this is, it’s a nice tweak for users overall. We’re not sure how widely this has rolled out so far, so keep an eye out next time you open up Android Auto.

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