Accelerator Stories April 7, 2016

Google’s Access group, which includes Fiber, is working on a new product called ‘Accelerator’ [Update: Nope, just YouTube Accelerator]

Update: We’ve now been told that his LinkedIn profile is referring to YouTube Accelerator, although YouTube is not within the Access group at Google.

Back in November of last year, Re/code’s Mark Bergen profiled Google’s/Alphabet’s ‘Access and Energy’ group, which includes a lot of projects and products focused on helping bring people online. Of course Google Fiber falls into this category, but so does Project Link, a RailTel partnership, Project SunroofProject Titan, as well as the consumer OnHub router product. Now, the recently updated LinkedIn profile of Global Operations head Joe DeMike at the Alphabet group might have accidentally revealed the name of another product: Accelerator…

Accelerator Stories March 14, 2016

YouTube has hotspots in the Philippines that stream cached videos for faster viewing

There are many parts of the world where cellular and Wi-Fi speeds are still too slow for basic bandwidth intensive tasks like watching video. While Google has efforts such as Project Loon, they have also created physical locations in the Philippines that have cached YouTube videos for faster viewing.

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