There are many parts of the world where cellular and Wi-Fi speeds are still too slow for basic bandwidth intensive tasks like watching video. While Google has efforts such as Project Loon, they have also created physical locations in the Philippines that have cached YouTube videos for faster viewing.

There are currently 12 locations in the Philippines where people can go and connect to an Accelerator Wi-Fi network for free. Accelerator works by caching over 100,000 of the most viewed YouTube videos in a country on a local network. In the YouTube app, videos with the Accelerator icon next to them will play instantly. Additionally, there is now a search filter for Accelerator videos.

Currently, the Accelerator locations are in various malls, airports, coffee shops, and hospitals near the country’s capital. The service works with the latest version of the YouTube Android app and on the web, with support for iOS and the mobile web coming soon. The streaming video is secure and served over HTTPs.

Read more at the YouTube Accelerator website.

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