Google and Peres Center for Peace host Hangouts to encourage Israeli Jewish-Arab dialogue

Google just announced a partnership with Peres Center for Peace in honor of today’s 30th annual International Day of Peace.

Peres Center for Peace promotes peace between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel and neighboring Arab countries. Google and the non-profit organization are hosting a series of Hangouts on Google+ to “enable dialogue between Israeli Arab and Jewish students.”

According to the official Google Blog:

“Hanging Out for Peace” is a six-month project that will involve nearly 150 Israeli university students, women and men, with an equal number of Arabs and Jews. Students will be divided into mixed Jewish and Arab ‘circles’, matched with other students who study the same subject at university.

The circles will meet via Hangouts on Google+, led by instructors from the Peres Center, and will undertake online and offline projects related to the circle’s area of academic focus. After a series of Hangouts, the students will meet face to face, present the projects they’ve developed to the larger group of participants and discuss issues that arose during their work together.