Following a minor update to the Search app on Android, Google has just released a significant update to its Keyboard app. The update bumps the app all the way to version 3.0.19373 from version 2.0. The update introduces a few minor interface tweaks. For one, there is now an “ABC” button to easily switch between the emoji keyboard and letter keyboard. There’s also a new settings icon when you long press the microphone button.

The biggest addition, however, is new Personalized Suggestions. This is a new feature that tracks what you type in Google’s suite of apps, such as Gmail, Hangouts, and Search. Google will then use this data to offer improved suggestions and auto-correct within its apps. For obvious security reasons, Google has offered the ability to turn this feature off, by heading into the keyboard’s settings menu and unchecking the box next to “Personalized Suggestions.”

As with most updates nowadays, the Keyboard update is a staged rollout, so it may take a few days to hit your device. Keep your eyes on the Play Store.

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