keyboard Stories March 11, 2017

One of the best aspects of Android is the ability to customize it to suit your needs and preferences. With different keyboards, homescreens, icon packs, wallpapers, lock screens, and much more, there’s no limit to what you can do to make your device stand out from the crowd. Now, Google is launching a new tool on the web that can help make customizing your device a little easier.

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keyboard Stories June 20, 2016

Getting used to a new keyboard can be tough for many and it’s one of the primary reasons I’ve always stuck with the Google Keyboard on my devices. However that all changed when Chrooma Keyboard was originally released last year. I instantly switched and now several months later, that keyboard has hit version 3.0. In this version Chrooma not only adopts several features from Google Keyboard 5.0, but also adds several awesome new features of its own. Let’s take a quick look.

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keyboard Stories June 15, 2016

Fleksy Keyboard

Pinterest has today announced that they have acquired the team behind the popular keyboard app Fleksy. Pinterest is solely acqui-hiring the developers behind this application, not the technology or app itself. The app will remain live on both Android and iOS ‘for the foreseeable future’ and app updates will be very minimal.

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keyboard Stories June 10, 2016


There are nearly 1.5 million applications currently on Google Play and with so many to choose from, finding interesting new experiences can be a hassle. That’s why today we’re kicking off a new series here at 9to5Google highlighting 5 different Android apps each month that are worth checking out.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks for the month.

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keyboard Stories March 22, 2016


According to a report from The Verge, Google is building its own third-party keyboard for iOS and has been doing so for “months.” While it’s unclear when or if the keyboard will be released, the report notes of several features Google has been working to implement as employees test it.

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keyboard Stories August 7, 2015

Could this Galaxy S6 Edge+ keyboard cover possibly be real? [Update: Yes]

Update: Yes, it’s real.

Evan Blass of evleaks has a pretty solid track record, and we’ve cited his leaks hundreds of times. This time, though, we can’t tell if what he has leaked is a joke or if it’s actually a real product on the way from Samsung. As you can see above, it looks like the Korean company might maybe possibly eventually release a keyboard cover for the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Knowing Samsung, this could very well be the real deal. And Evan hasn’t exactly been known to be a jokester when it comes to his leaks. He’s ended up wrong a couple of times, but I can’t remember many times that he has just posted a “leak” that was purely a practical joke. With that in mind, I have to say that this cover looks absolutely horrid — and useless.

A physical keyboard is something that many have desired since the move away from BlackBerry-esque devices, but I don’t know if this is the solution. I would much prefer that some companies — like BlackBerry, maybe? — make a smartphone that actually has a physical keyboard built-in. This hunk of plastic covering up half of your screen is surely be a nuisance and nothing more.

keyboard Stories July 8, 2015

Fleksy keyboard gets new features & themes as app goes free indefinitely

After around seven million downloads of its popular third-party keyboard app, Fleksy is today announcing that its mobile apps will be completely free for all going forward.

The company was originally charging $4 for the app but had dropped the price to $1 and even made the app free temporarily a couple times in the past. Starting today, however, Fleksy says its apps for both iOS and Android will be free forever.

For everyone that has paid for the app and feels left out, Fleksy is offering a free gift that it says is worth $8 to make up for it. The in-app download includes a selection of new themes and extensions, which also arrive with today’s update. While the app is going free for all to download and use, the company will continue offering premium themes and extensions as paid in-app purchases.

In addition to going free, the company highlighted some other new features and improvements arriving today:

Going free is not the only big update today.  We also launched an improved rich content view called Highlights. Meaning, Fleksy will better assist with GIF, sticker and other content discovery based on what you type. Instead of manually searching for stickers and GIFs on separate pages, now you’ll only need to tap on the auto-recommended hashtag (Highlight) and Fleksy will take you to an integrated page of relevant content all in one convenient place.

The Fleksy Keyboard app for Android is available now. A full list of what’s included in the update below:

What’s New

Fleksy 6.0
★ 10 new themes!!
★ All new Emoji, Gif and imoji navigation
Just pull down to go back
★ Consolidated Gifs, imoji and Fleksy #highlights to one view for faster and smarter media content
★ Blazing fast keyboard pop
★ Smoother emoji scrolling
★ Reduced APK by another 3 MBs
★ HD theme images
★ Consolidated notifications
★ Localized app in 8 languages
★ Way too many…

keyboard Stories July 2, 2015


Update: As I thought, this isn’t the slider. It’s just a Passport.

Evan Blass just can’t stop. Earlier today he came out on Twitter to say that BlackBerry’s Android-powered “Venice” smartphone is on its way to AT&T, and now he has shared an image of what looks to be some kind of BlackBerry device running Google’s mobile operating system. expand full story

keyboard Stories June 3, 2015


Google today released a new version of the official Google Keyboard to the Play Store, most notably bringing along with it dictionary syncing to Google accounts (Apps for Business accounts excluded, it seems) and the ability to access emoji from physical Bluetooth keyboards.

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keyboard Stories April 27, 2015


SwiftKey today announced and released its first app part of a new initiative called the SwiftKey Greenhouse. The company wants to do some experimenting with new software, and they want to make a place “where [they] can seed ideas and help them grow.” The new initiative is off to a good start, as I’ve found out, because its first project—called Clarity—is a great, unique new attempt at a mobile keyboard… expand full story

keyboard Stories March 2, 2015

Microsoft announces foldable version of its universal Bluetooth keyboard

If you use both Android and Windows devices (and maybe iOS too), the latest version of Microsoft’s universal keyboard may appeal. Designed to allow you to switch easily between Android, Windows and iOS devices, the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is a more portable version, folding in half down the middle. (If you like a smaller vertical fold made for smartphones, Zagg makes an excellent product)

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but the original version retailed at $80 (and is available on Amazon for $65), so something in the same ballpark or a little higher seems likely.

Photos: CNET

keyboard Stories December 19, 2014


If you’ve ever tried any third party keyboards on your Android device, there’s a decent chance that Minuum was one of them. Today, version 3.0 of the space-saving keyboard has begun rolling out, packing a slew of new features including Material Design and experimental support for simultaneous use of multiple languages.

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keyboard Stories December 11, 2014

SwiftKey updated with five new festive themes in time for the holidays

The popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey for Android has been updated today with minor performance enhancements and five new festive themes in time for the holiday season. The update arrives less than a month after the last major version of SwiftKey was seeded with faster performance and several new languages. The update should be rolling out on the Play Store now.

keyboard Stories November 20, 2014

SwiftKey Android Lollipop Material Design

Just weeks after receiving a Material Design makeover for Android Lollipop, the popular custom keyboard SwiftKey for Android has been updated with performance improvements and support for twelve new languages. The latest version of SwiftKey for Android is available now through the Play Store as a free update. expand full story

keyboard Stories October 28, 2014

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy keyboard for Android has received an update with a couple of new features and gone on sale for 99 cents through Friday after announcing it has secured $2 million in venture funding from Digital Garage, Eniac Ventures, Middleland Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Militello Capital and other investment partners. expand full story

keyboard Stories October 23, 2014

SwiftKey gets Android Lollipop treatment with two new Material Design themes

Users of the popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey will be glad to hear that two new Material Design themes are now available for the keyboard ahead of the upcoming release of Android Lollipop. The two new themes, based on Google’s new Material Design guidelines, are named Material Dark and Material Light and available through the SwiftKey Store today.

keyboard Stories September 3, 2014

Logitech’s new Bluetooth Multi-Device keyboard doubles as a smartphone/tablet stand


Logitech today announced a new Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard (K480) that doesn’t just make switching between devices easy, it also doubles as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. While Logitech has made similar keyboards previously that let you switch between connected devices, the new keyboard adds a “Easy-Switch dial” that makes it super easy to switch between three devices on the fly:

Now you can type a report on your computer and, with the flick of the Easy-Switch™ dial, respond to a message on your smartphone and type a tweet on your tablet. The universal keyboard can connect to three different Bluetooth wireless devices at once, whether you are using a Windows®, Mac® or Chrome OS™ computer, or an Android™ or iOS tablet or smartphone.

The keyboard is available now in the US and Europe for $50 in two color schemes (white & black). You can images of the two colors below and see more specs and order the keyboard now on Logitech’s site.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in white and black.
  • Bluetooth range: up to 10 m (30 feet)*
  • Battery life: 2 years**
  • On/Off power switch
  • Battery life indicator light

keyboard Stories August 20, 2014

Minuum keyboard updated with new keyboard modes, more

Minuum just keeps on getting better with each update, and this one—as described on the company’s blog—gives you the flexibility to move the keyboard around the screen as you please by way of a couple new keyboard modes. The first of them is called floating mode, which lets you move the keyboard around at will as you can see in the above image. Secondly, compact mode is functionally similar to floating mode, and lets you dock the keyboard to different locations on the screen. Also included in this update is the ability for users to change how periods work when double tapping the space bar. Finally, some buttons—including layer and mode—have been removed from the shift menu to reduce clutter.

You can grab the updated Minuum from the Play Store.

keyboard Stories July 17, 2014


Shortly after its unveiling, an actual copy of the Android L keyboard pulled straight from the Developer Preview OS appeared on the Play Store thanks to a developer by the name of Shen Ye. And while it was pulled after two short weeks because it violated Google’s policies, Ye has now taken the keyboard to the Amazon Appstore to hopefully avoid any future conflict.

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keyboard Stories July 15, 2014

First Ever Typing On Android Wear - YouTube 2014-07-15 13-25-20 2014-07-15 13-25-29

The Minuum keyboard has already been announced to be in development for the Moto 360, but today the company demoed its keyboard actually running on another Android Wear device — the LG G Watch. Last time we only got a concept, but now we have a real-time video demo of a slick — albeit (intentionally?) cramped — keyboard running on Android Wear. And Minuum says they’re ready to send out its earliest release.

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keyboard Stories July 10, 2014

Fleksy keyboard for Android beta updated with support for 15 new languages

The popular replacement Android keyboard Fleksy received an update to its publicly available beta version today that enabled support for 15 new languages. According to a press release announcing the update, the new languages and variants on existing languages include English (UK), Latin American Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian, French, Canadian, and more.

The beta now supports 37 languages total, and the company says it expects the update to exit beta this fall with support for over 40. An update was also released today for the Fleksy Messenger app for Gear smarwatches. The update introduces a few bug fixes and other enhancements, but also adds support for first-gen devices running Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

You can grab the Fleksy Android update from the beta website and the Gear update from the watch’s app store.

keyboard Stories May 13, 2014

[youtube] Minuum, one of the more distinctive third-party keyboards available for Android devices, is coming to Google Glass. The keyboard was shown off this morning in a video of the prototype app running on Glass. The second half of the video, however, is far more exciting. expand full story

keyboard Stories March 25, 2014


Fleksy is out today with version 2.0 of its Android keyboard bringing a new list of features with it.

My Fleksy Cloud enables Android users to sync personalization features between devices including its new language algorithm based on your writing style.

Fleksy 2.0 also introduces a new badge system for reaching achievements. The badge system offers an element of gamification to mastering the Fleksy keyboard, and achievements can unlock new themes and extend the free trial period.

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keyboard Stories March 19, 2014

Following a minor update to the Search app on Android, Google has just released a significant update to its Keyboard app. The update bumps the app all the way to version 3.0.19373 from version 2.0. The update introduces a few minor interface tweaks. For one, there is now an “ABC” button to easily switch between the emoji keyboard and letter keyboard. There’s also a new settings icon when you long press the microphone button.

The biggest addition, however, is new Personalized Suggestions. This is a new feature that tracks what you type in Google’s suite of apps, such as Gmail, Hangouts, and Search. Google will then use this data to offer improved suggestions and auto-correct within its apps. For obvious security reasons, Google has offered the ability to turn this feature off, by heading into the keyboard’s settings menu and unchecking the box next to “Personalized Suggestions.”

As with most updates nowadays, the Keyboard update is a staged rollout, so it may take a few days to hit your device. Keep your eyes on the Play Store.

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keyboard Stories November 6, 2013

Swiftkey updates user favorite keyboard software, introduces “layouts for living”

Oh hi new Swiftkey update, the Android keyboard that I love so much I’d download it twice. The developer just alerted customers that a new version of the software is now available on the Play Store and “rethinks how you interact with your keyboard.” The newly update keyboard software introduces “Layouts for living” which allows you to “undock” Swiftkey “from your screen, resize it and present it in a compact, split thumb-typing or regular style.”

The company hopes the new features will allow you to get more from your mobile devices, “regardless of the context you’re typing in.” The new edition is now available to download in Google Play and is a free update for existing users. The new version gives you access to three keyboard layouts, all of which can be resized, and undocked and positioned where you choose on your screen.

The three new keyboard layouts:

  • Compact: On many larger phones it can be difficult to enter text and hold the phone with just one hand. This new feature reduces the width of the keyboard and allows for easier typing with one hand or gesture typing using SwiftKey Flow. It also frees up more of the screen estate on tablets. You can switch it from the left or right side of the screen
  • Thumb: For those who like typing on tablets in landscape or wide phones, the keyboard can be split into two areas, enabling fast, comfortable typing with both thumbs. Undock it from the base of the screen for even more flexibility
  • Full: The traditional full-width keyboard is still available and users with tablets can opt for an extended layout that is similar to the presentation of a physical keyboard. This layout has left and right cursor keys and the backspace is positioned above the enter key, making it easier to type with two hands when not holding your tablet]

As well as the new layouts, SwiftKey 4.3 also includes:

  • Choose from 5 sizes to get your keyboard the perfect size for you
  • Undock your keyboard and position it where you choose on your screen
  • Rearranged and optimized secondary (123) and tertiary (symbols) layout, based on extensive user testing
  • A new theme: previously SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet had two different themes called “Dark”. Both are now available on phones and tablets, with the tablet “Dark” renamed as “Forest”
  • Extended layout for tablets, including left and right cursor keys
  • All 4 cursor keys (up, down, left, right) are now available on the secondary (123) layout on tablets – phone users can still choose to have cursor keys on the main layout
  • 10-inch tablets can choose to have a central numpad in the thumb layout in landscape
  • Combined phone and tablet app to give a seamless experience across all device sizes

keyboard Stories August 25, 2013

Fans of the QWERTY keyboard can take a collective sigh of relief this weekend as it looks like Motorola is not quite done with its Droid line of keyboard-phones. Originally posted on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo (via Engadget), several photos of Motorola’s alleged Droid 5 have leaked.

The device show the same general design as the Droid 4. The 5-row keyboard is still intact as is a screen somewhere between 4.3-inches and 4.5-inches. The device appears to lack any sort of captive buttons and instead uses on-screen controls. The Droid 5 will also allegedly feature NFC and a “shockproof” water- and dust-resistant design.

The Verizon and 4G LTE logos that we’ve all come to know and love are present suggesting that the device will be available from Big Red like all of its predecessors. Release and pricing information, however, is nowhere to be found so we still have some more waiting to do on that front.  expand full story

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