Even though they are celebrating a birthday, the Google+ team is still hard at work improving the social network. On the official Google+ blog, the company has announced several new, redesigned plugins available for websites to use.

  • A new follow button – a standalone plugin that allows visitors to easily follow a site without navigating away.
  • A new badge for Communities – a plugin that offers a link to directly preview a Google+ community. The community will open in a new tab and from there the visitors are able to join and view recent posts.
  • Updated badges for Pages and Profiles – new, more customizable plugins that make it easy for people to circle Pages and People. Users now have the ability to change the color theme, chose whether it should be in landscape or portrait, and add or remove the cover photo and tagline. The old badges will be live for 90 more days, after which they will automatically be updated to the new ones.

With these changes, Google says it is trying to keep the visual style consistent with the recent changes it has made on Google+. View them all below… expand full story