Google’s new ‘I’m feeling curious’ feature is really addicting

Google is definitely known for its hidden easter eggs and features in search, and this one is really going to keep you occupied: Searching for “I’m feeling curious” now shows you a widget that rotates through some random and interesting facts about just about everything — from how much a “lifetime airline pass” costed in the 80s to facts about Oprah.

After clicking the “Ask Another Question” a few times, it looks like the box pulls information from anywhere and everywhere on the web. A few facts were pulled from Wikipedia, and plenty of others were from,,, and several other sources. As a bonus, it looks like “” is going to get some nice extra traffic today.

If you want to check it out, head over to Google and search “I’m feeling curious“. Alternatively, it looks like other similar queries like “fun facts” will also show the widget.