Jolla Stories February 2, 2016

turing colors

Tech companies make baffling decisions all the time, it’s not a rare occurrence. In most cases, while we’re scratching our heads, we can normally sort-of see a reason or some kind of logic behind those moves. Whether it’s OnePlus’ unusual marketing strategies, Google launching the Pixel C without multi-window multitasking or HTC’s decision to launch an iPhone clone. In the case of Turing Robotics, I’m stumped…

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Jolla Stories August 20, 2015

Jolla tablet pre-orders go live today, Android app-compatible 64GB model for €299

Jolla today opened up pre-orders to everyone for its Sailfish OS-powered tablet. Customers in all EU countries, the States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Norway, Switzerland, India and Russia can pre-order both the 32GB and 64GB models for €267 ($298) and €299 ($335) respectively. Devices are available in limited quantities from Jolla’s own online store.

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