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HTC appears to be in somewhat of a tailspin at present, with The Verge noting that five senior employees have left the company recently, while Gizmodo spotted a tweet from former product strategy manager Eric Lin in which he suggested that his former colleagues would be “much happier” if they followed his example … expand full story

Kouji Kodera Stories June 5, 2012

(Image via <a href="http://im.tech2.in.com/gallery/2012/jun/htc_sony_051008085315.jpg" target="_blank">Tech2</a>)

Sony announced its first partnership to bring PlayStation Mobile certification to HTC devices.

The video game maker revealed the news at E3 yesterday. The collaboration allows HTC owners to access a slew of classic PlayStation games, while also giving HTC an enticing edge over other Android manufacturers (including Sony). Moreover, HTC devices can make use of third-party apps and games developed with the SDK.

This is also a lead for Sony, because its fledging Vita console does not encourage developers to work on games and apps. HTC’s involvement now increases the perceived value of the Playstation Mobile platform, which only attracts more interest from developers.

The One series is the initial line slated to join the program.

Check out the full press release below.

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