In their case against Samsung in many European countries, Apple may have provided wrong evidence to the judge. As found by a Dutch IDG publication called Webwereld.nl, Apple has provided photoshopped images of a Galaxy Tab side-by-side an Apple iPad 2.

The image above was found on Page 28 of the German legal documents, showing the Galaxy Tab and iPad 2, and Apple saying that the “overall appearance” of two products is “practically identical.” But what’s funny is that’s not really what the Galaxy Tab looks like..

The image that Apple’s lawyers provided is cropped and the aspect ratio is distorted. Samsung’s official measurement for the aspect ratio is 1.46, but in the image above it is 1.36. This leaves the bottom actually 8% wider than it really is. This photoshop maneuver made the Galaxy Tab appear more like the iPad, Apple’s actual argument, than it really is. The iPad’s aspect ratio is 1.30. Now, it’s up in the air if Apple’s lawyers did this on purpose or not. (via Computerworld)

Check out an image with measurements after the break:

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