Report: Leaked LG and Google photos reveal ‘Nexus 4’ EXIF data tag

Another day, another leak on LG’s much-rumored Nexus smartphone.

The Verge just examined EXIF data for photographs posted on Google+. The images apparently originated from LG’s Pyeongtaek Learning Center and a Texas Google employee, and their EXIF data references a “Nexus 4” tag. The leaks from LG are no longer live, but a person captured in one image visibly wore a “LG Electronics” lanyard.

The “LG Nexus 4″ moniker first appeared last week in the inventory system for mobile device retailer Carphone Warehouse, while French newspaper Le Figaro later ousted the Oct. 29 launch date with an estimated December arrival for France.

More rumors on the device previously pegged a mid-November launch for the United States, while additional leaked photos and specs have painted a decent picture as to what the Android-powered smartphone could potentially feature and look like.