LiveLens social live-streaming platform releases Google Glass app

LiveLens, a quick-and-easy video live streaming platform, has launched a Google Glass app (via TheNextWeb) alongside its already-available iOS and Android apps, allowing users to stream video straight from their heads via Google’s head-mounted computer. The service sets itself apart by focusing social features, and offers the ability for users to monetize their videos — which is part of where the company hopes to make money.

Google Glass notably doesn’t sport the best battery life right now, making live streaming of any kind mostly impractical. But since Glass itself is made to be an interface that lets you quickly accomplish a task and get back to the real world, quicker and shorter live streams might be the very niche use case for this app. People with huge social media followings are the target user for this app, and those are the same people who likely would have fans willing to tune in (or even pay) to watch a few minutes of exclusive first-person streaming video.

Notably, the live streaming company simply dubbed Livestream also has its own video streaming application for Google Glass, which lets you do many of the same things as this entry from LiveLens.