Meltdown Stories January 10, 2018

Spectre and Meltdown took the entire technology industry by storm last week, but fortunately companies are working towards patching the vulnerabilities. For Chrome OS, most recent devices are patched against Meltdown, with Google posting a complete list on the current status of mitigations.

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Meltdown Stories January 4, 2018

Following yesterday’s disclosure of the CPU Speculative Execution issue raging through the tech industry by the Project Zero team, Google is now detailing the mitigations for the security flaw. In a blog post, the company also discusses the impact to processor and cloud performance.

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Meltdown Stories January 3, 2018

Over the past 24 hours, the tech industry has been rocked by a wide-ranging CPU vulnerability. Discovered by Google’s Project Zero security team last year, details of the exploits have now officially emerged. Meanwhile, Google has provided a full list of mitigation status for its products from Android to enterprise services.

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