Google Cloud Stories Yesterday

Google’s U.S. data centers have generated $1.3 billion in economic activity and 11,000 jobs

Earlier this year, Google announced an expansion of its U.S. offices and data centers. The cloud facilities are often touted by the company as helping the surrounding community with a new report today quantifying the exact economic contributions made when Google builds a data center.

Google Cloud Stories April 18

Earlier this year, Google announced G Suite Enterprise for Education in response to demand from colleges and larger school districts for more advanced tools. Today, this new enterprise-grade version is becoming generally available for institutions in the US.

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Google Cloud Stories April 17

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for creating Google Assistant Actions exits beta

Many developers when creating applications today also have to target the smart speakers platform and other similar devices. Google’s solution for creating conversational Actions is called Dialogflow and today the Enterprise Edition is now generally available.

In an attempt to completely block the Telegram service in its country, the Russian government has broadly blocked Google and Amazon’s cloud services.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Cloud Stories April 12

News emerged last month of a Google partnership with the U.S. military on machine learning to analyze drone footage. This set off a fierce internal debate among employees, but it appears that the company is continuing with plans to win lucrative contracts.

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Google Cloud Stories March 21

Whether cryptocurrency is the future or just a passing fad, the underlying blockchain technology is highly promising with a number of applications. Some of those are for the cloud, with Google developing its own distributed digital ledger according to a new report.

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