Google Cloud Stories November 16

A Google Cloud outage this morning is responsible for taking down parts of Snapchat, Discord, Spotify, and a host of other services that rely on GCP for hosting.

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Google Cloud Stories October 12

At Cloud Next ’21, Google announced “Work Safer” as a one-stop offering for small businesses, enterprises, and public sector institutions looking to equip and protect employees amid hybrid work. 

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Google Cloud Stories September 9

Stadia exec Jack Buser moves to Google Cloud to lead further gaming ambitions

Stadia is losing another member of its original team, as Jack Buser is moving away from Stadia directly and will instead work under Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Stories July 26

To increase its enterprise standing and encourage adoption, Google Cloud today announced “Google Enterprise APIs” that will be governed by a stricter policy in regards to when the company changes or deprecates them.

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Google Cloud Stories July 22

Back in March, Google announced that Cloud Next in 2021 would take place October 12-14. The company left open the possibility that the enterprise conference could take place in-person, but as registration opens today it will be a digital event.

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Google Cloud Stories June 11

Tables from Area 120 becoming a ‘fully-supported’ Google Cloud product

Back in September, Google’s internal Area 120 incubator launched Tables as a “user-friendly, intuitive work tracking tool.” The Tables team announced today that the service has proven a “success” and that it will become a “fully-supported Google Cloud product” in the next year.

Google Cloud Stories June 9

Over the past few years, Google has built its own subsea cables in addition to partnering on joint efforts and leasing access. Google’s latest private cable project is “Firmina” to connect North and South America.

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Google Cloud Stories May 18

Google Cloud’s Vertex AI enters GA for easier and faster ML model creation

All parts of Google were on display at I/O 2021 today, with Google Cloud announcing general availability (GA) of Vertex AI. The platform is aimed at making machine learning more readily available to both developers and businesses.

Google unveils 4th generation Tensor Processing Unit

At Google I/O, the company shared their next generation AI processing chip, the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) v4.

Google Cloud Stories May 13

Elon Musk-founded SpaceX is in the process of rolling out Starlink as a satellite internet provider around the world. As part of a new partnership, Google Cloud data centers will be home to key Starlink infrastructure in order to let enterprise users better access key services.

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Google Cloud Stories March 18

Google Cloud will open a new engineering hub in Durham, NC, w/ up to 1,000 new jobs

Google is preparing to launch a new cloud engineering hub in the United States, and when it opens, this hub will bring up to 1,000 new jobs to the city of Durham, North Carolina.

Google Cloud Stories March 17

By 2030, Google wants all of its facilities to use carbon-free energy 24/7. The company is now providing a Carbon-Free Energy Percentage (CFE%) for Google Cloud regions so that enterprise customers can incorporate carbon emissions into their infrastructure decisions.

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Google Cloud Stories March 4

Due to the pandemic, developer conferences over the past year have either been canceled or hosted virtually. Google today announced Cloud Next ‘21 will take place October 12-14, though the exact nature of the enterprise event has not yet been set. 

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Google Cloud Stories February 3

Google in 2018 announced two private intercontinental undersea cables; becoming the first major non-telecom company to build its own after years of leasing or consortiums. The second, named Dunant, will feature record-breaking capacity by being the first cable to leverage space-division multiplexing (SDM) technology.

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Google Cloud Stories February 1

Ford this morning announced a wide-ranging partnership with Google to help the automaker adapt to “seismic changes as new technology transforms the way people move.” Ford and Lincoln cars will soon use Android Automotive, while there’s also a cloud component to this deal.

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Google Cloud Stories December 21, 2020

Google announces new cloud regions for Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Chile, 12 now in development

Cloud regions let developers run hosted services closer to where their users are located for a faster, more reliable experience. Google Cloud today announced a trio of new regions for Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Chile.

Google Cloud Stories December 18, 2020

Google started the week with a big outage that took down Gmail, Drive, and all other Workspace apps. As promised, Google now has a detailed explanation on the outage and steps it will take to prevent future incidents.

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Google Cloud Stories October 27, 2020

One area artificial intelligence can have a deep impact on is climate predictions. Google already has a number of weather efforts, and this month launched an AI partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) to enhance analysis of the US agency’s satellite and environmental data.

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Google Cloud Stories July 28, 2020

In recent years, Google has been building private subsea cables in addition to leasing access and partnering on joint efforts. Google’s latest project is “Grace Hopper” and will connect the US with the UK and Spain.

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Google Cloud Stories July 23, 2020

Google Cloud & Box deepen strategic partnership on infrastructure, more G Suite integration

Productivity & Collaboration week is still underway at Cloud Next ’20: On Air. Google Cloud and Box today announced a deeper collaboration that spans both infrastructure and end-user productivity.

Google Cloud Stories July 14, 2020

Cloud Next is Google’s annual conference for enterprise partners and developers. Like other physical events this year, it’s now taking place virtually over nine weeks. The first is on “Industry Insights,” and Google Cloud today announced Confidential Computing.

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Google Cloud Stories May 19, 2020

Back in March, Google switched Cloud Next to a digital format before delaying it to an unspecified date. The enterprise conference is now called Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir and will be a “nine-week, in-depth digital event series.”

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Google Cloud Stories March 26, 2020

Google on Thursday had a brief outage that some assumed was due to the surge of COVID-19 calls, video, and browsing. The company immediately explained that it was an unrelated router failure, but is taking the opportunity to assure Google users and customers that it can “handle the load” of traffic from the coronavirus disrupting normal behavior.

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Google Cloud Stories March 4, 2020

Google announces four new Cloud regions, including first Middle East site

Just last week, a new Google Cloud Platform region in Salt Lake City was announced following a multi-year PayPal contract. Google is today announcing four more Cloud regions around the world.

Google Cloud Stories March 2, 2020

Before I/O in May, Google hosts a developer conference for G Suite, Cloud, and other enterprise offerings. Google announced today it’s canceling the in-person Cloud Next for a “free, global, digital-first, multi-day event” over coronavirus concerns.

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Google Cloud Stories February 27, 2020

PayPal migrating ‘key portions’ of its infrastructure to Google Cloud

Google’s cloud business is a distant third behind Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. A multi-year contract announced today sees Google Cloud net PayPal as an even larger customer, in part due to a new Salt Lake City cloud region.

Google Cloud Stories January 28, 2020

Google’s current enterprise communications strategy is centered around Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. A new report today reveals that Google Cloud is working on a unified messaging app for businesses.

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Google Cloud Stories January 24, 2020

Google today announced a multi-year strategic relationship with a big game developer that spans various parts of the company. Google Cloud will become Activision Blizzard’s preferred provider for game hosting as YouTube becomes the exclusive live eSports streaming partner.

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Google Cloud Stories January 15, 2020

Google Cloud offering personalized ‘Premium Support’ for enterprise

As Google Cloud tries to advance from its distant third position behind Microsoft and Amazon, there are a handful of common complaints about its offering, including ease of use. The division today announced Google Cloud Premium Support to offer an “updated support model that is proactive, unified, centered around the customer.”

Google Cloud Stories January 9, 2020

Google opens registration for Cloud Next ’20 in San Francisco

Next to I/O, Google’s other important yearly conference is Cloud Next. It has a larger audience by targeting enterprise executives and administrators in addition to developers. Google Cloud Next ’20 will be hosted from April 6-8 with registration now open.

Google Cloud Stories November 12, 2019

Following reports of “Project Nightingale” coming to light, Google Cloud last night published a blog post detailing its “partnership with Ascension.” One large aspect sees the health provider move data to the cloud, while another sees the two companies working on future technology to improve patient care.

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Google Cloud Stories November 7, 2019

Report: Alphabet’s cybersecurity startup Chronicle struggling inside Google Cloud

Early last year, X unveiled Chronicle as the moonshot lab’s latest graduate. Joining Alphabet, it was focused on cybersecurity and included VirusTotal. Back in June, it was folded into Google Cloud where it’s now apparently struggling.

Google Cloud Stories October 30, 2019

Late last year, Google Cloud said that it chose “not to offer general-purpose facial recognition APIs before working through important technology and policy questions.” This was in contrast to services from Microsoft and Amazon that were criticized by privacy activists. The Cloud division today announced a Celebrity Recognition API that is not “general purpose.”

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Google Cloud Stories October 14, 2019

Last year, Google Cloud released its first Titan Security Keys as part of a broader push to increase 2-Step Verification adoption. Ahead of tomorrow’s Made by Google 2019 event, the company is releasing a USB-C Titan Security Key.

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Google Cloud Stories August 28, 2019

Report: US might block Google-backed LA-Hong Kong undersea cable over national security

Google has three approaches for expanding its global fiber network. Recently, the company has been building private intercontinental cables, but still buys capacity or joins consortiums where the cost is split. One Google-backed undersea cable between Los Angeles and Hong Kong could be blocked by the US under national security concerns.

Google Cloud Stories July 31, 2019

Google Cloud this year is hosting three Cloud Next conferences around the world. Following San Francisco in April, Tokyo kicked off this week, with the Titan Security Key now available in four more countries.

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Google Cloud Stories July 1, 2019

Google this year announced that it is spending $13 billion on new or expanded offices and data centers in the United States. The latest site is in Nevada, with Google breaking ground today on a new data center and Cloud region. expand full story

Google Cloud Stories June 28, 2019

Google Cloud last year became the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable. Its third project is named Equiano and connects western Europe to the west coast of Africa.

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Google Cloud Stories June 18, 2019

HMD Global partners w/ Google Cloud to move all Nokia data to Finland

HMD Global has just announced that it is working with Google Cloud and CGI to bring all data collection for Nokia devices to its home country of Finland. Apparently, this change is being made for better security of that data, as well as faster and more accurate updates.

Google Cloud Stories June 17, 2019

In addition to medical advancements from the AI division, Google has a presence in health as a cloud provider. Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to work on “healthcare innovation” and migrate to the Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud Stories June 6, 2019

Google Cloud set to acquire data analytics company Looker for $2.6B

Google has long been known for their impressive data analytics tools, both for the average web administrator and for Google Cloud customers. Today, Google Cloud is picking up another suite of tools by acquiring a previously-complementary data analytics visualization company, Looker.

Google Cloud Stories June 3, 2019

On Sunday afternoon, Google’s cloud services suffered notable downtime that lasted for several hours and affected third-party apps. Google today detailed the outage’s cause and what it’s doing to prevent future incidents.

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Google Cloud Stories May 29, 2019

Google’s INDIGO undersea cable connecting Southeast Asia now live

Over the past several years, Google Cloud has rapidly expanded its global infrastructure with new Cloud regions for enterprise customers and undersea fiber cables. The company announced today that the INDIGO undersea cable connecting Australia and Singapore is now live.

Google Cloud Stories April 10, 2019

Developing for the cloud can be an entirely different experience than developing a local app, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way. During the second day of Cloud Next ’19, Google has launched Cloud Code, a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs and Visual Studio Code that will help developers create cloud applications.

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Google Cloud launches AutoML Tables, Video Intelligence, and Vision Edge

One focus for Google Cloud is increasing customer adoption of AI by offering a wide range of machine learning services at all levels. Launched last year, Cloud AutoML is aimed at developers with limited expertise that still want to train and leverage models.

Google Cloud Stories April 9, 2019

Google Cloud Next ’19 served as new CEO Thomas Kurian’s first public debut since replacing Diane Greene. Besides several developer-focused product announcements this morning during the Day 1 Keynote, the former 20-year Oracle executive announced his plan to expand Google’s enterprise market share.

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For the past several years, Google Cloud has hosted an annual developer conference focussed on its growing enterprise business. Cloud Next ’19 kicks off today with Day 1 announcements that are more focussed on developer services and infrastructure.

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Google Cloud Stories March 20, 2019

Google certifies first IP desktop phones to work with Voice for G Suite

Last July, Google Voice became a G Suite product to provide telephony services for enterprise customers. Companies can assign numbers to employees that are accessible on Android, iOS, and the web. However, another use is traditional desktop phones, with Google certifying the first units this week.

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