Google Cloud Stories May 4

GOOG: 931.66


At Google Cloud Next London, the company announced two new product updates. Its machine learning-based text meaning extractor API now supports more languages and has improved sentiment analysis. Additionally, its database service will soon enter into general availability.

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Google Cloud Stories April 18

GOOG: 836.82


Starting today, third-party developers will have access to the same speech recognition technology that powers Google’s products. Available in Google Cloud, the Cloud Search API has also been updated with new features and improved performance.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Cloud Stories March 9

GOOG: 838.68


Google showcases custom server security chip, Cloud VMs double max CPU core, RAM amount

In the midst of several app and service launches at Cloud Next ’17, Google also announced several hardware-related developments. With Cloud Platform gaining GPUs last month, Compute Engine is doubling the number of CPU cores available to virtual machines, while Google showed off its Titan security chip for data servers.

At day two of Cloud Next ’17, Google’s Firebase app development suite was announced to have closer integration with the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Functions for Firebase offers a complete backend serverless solution, while Cloud Storage for Firebase improves the app storage experience.

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Google Cloud Stories March 8

GOOG: 835.37


SAP partners with Google to offer its enterprise applications on Google Cloud

Google today announced that it’s forming a new strategic partnership with enterprise software company SAP to deliver its in-memory database SAP HANA among other solutions. The partnership offers Google Cloud Platform customers more scalability, brings new G Suite integrations, and more…

Google has today announced at its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco that it has acquired Kaggle, a notably large online community for data science. The service allows data scientists to hold and participate in competitions, explore datasets, and more…

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