Google Cloud Stories Yesterday

Google Cloud launches Cloud Source Repositories beta for developers

When Google Code, Google’s free hosting for open source projects, began shutting down in 2015, the developer community was reasonably upset. Google seems to have taken some of that criticism to heart with the launch of the Cloud Source Repositories beta, while adding powerful new features for enterprise customers.

Google Cloud Stories August 29

Google Cloud grants $9M to continued development of Kubernetes

Today, Google has announced that it is granting $9M in Google Cloud credit to further the development of the Kubernetes container orchestration system.

Google Cloud Stories August 3

This week has seen a flurry of developments about Google planning to return to the Chinese market with an AI-powered news app, followed by a self-censoring Search service. The company’s ambitions also reportedly extend to bringing G Suite to China via partnerships with local cloud companies.

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Google Cloud Stories July 18

Late last month, a company using the Google Cloud Platform had an incident where a critical application was immediately suspended by Google without warning. This was a cause for alarm given how many apps today run in the cloud. Google today announced a series of improvements to prevent any more sudden suspensions.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Cloud Stories July 17

Google Cloud is rapidly expanding its infrastructure from new cloud regions to investing in three consortium subsea cables this year alone. The latest move involves building its first private trans-Atlantic cable to further expand its network.

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Google Cloud Stories July 5

Google Duplex being tested in call centers as ethical concerns reportedly slow development [Update]

Update: Google has reached out to clarify that Duplex is currently only focussed on consumer applications and not being tested by enterprise customers. The full statement is below:

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