PSA: Camp Google kicks off today, starting with a live dive in the Atlantic Ocean

Google’s summer “camp” program focused on online project-based science lessons has officially launched today, as we told you would happen last week. The first week of the program is called Ocean Week, and it’s getting started later today with National Geographic diver Erika Bergman taking kids on a live dive in the Atlantic Ocean at 12 p.m. PT. You can tune in at the Camp Google website.

Today at 12 p.m. PT, National Geographic diver Erika Bergman and I will take kids on the first adventure—a live dive in the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll head to the northernmost part of Florida Reef Tract, the most extensive living coral reef system in North America. Whether it be the Hammerhead Reef or shipwrecks like the Jay Scutti, it will be exciting to see what we’ll find down there!

There are already a bunch of activities to do on Google’s site, including one about buoyancy and how things float in the ocean, one about building a sonar system, and more. Kids will complete these projects, and as they go, they’ll “earn camp badges to celebrate the new skills they learned.” Next week, Google is kicking off “Space Week” in collaboration with a NASA astronaut and VSauce.