Software engineering student ‘hacks’ OnePlus reservation system to jump the queue

A software engineering student has used a few lines of code to jump the queue for a OnePlus 2 invite, moving himself up from over 70,000 to position 1,694.

While queue-jumping isn’t something we’d generally condone, Jake Cooper said that his motivation here was to hit back at the way OnePlus encourages spam, by moving people up the queue when they email the link to others.

When the OnePlus Two rolled around, I made sure to be on the ball and put my email in early and secured position ~9000. However, with the invites for the OnePlus Two, OnePlus opted to allow users to jump the queue by referring their friends to the invite waitlist. Last night I checked my invite status and I was position > 70,000.

In a Medium post, Cooper explains how he used a few lines of Python to effectively spam a series of fake email addresses, and a little more code to obtain the confirmation URLs from those emails. The result was that, in the time it took him to get a cup of tea, he had moved up over 68,000 places in the queue.

The waitlist for an invite recently exceeded a million people. The company recently revealed that it will be releasing another model later this year, but gave no details on features or spec.

Via AndroidCentral