Lollipop now rolling out to Sprint’s Galaxy S5 Sport, coming to T-Mobile’s LG G3 next week

It’s almost time for Google I/O, and that means we’re likely approaching the announcement of the next big version of Android. As usual, though, last year’s major iteration is still just now making its way to plenty of handsets. Today we have word (via Sprint) that its Galaxy S5 should be receiving the update imminently, and T-Mobile representative Des has confirmed (via Twitter) that the update is rolling out to the uncarrier’s LG G3 early next week.

Lollipop’s adoption has been pretty abysmal, and only early last month hit 3.3%. It’s been about a month since those numbers were released, however, so we’re probably at or beyond 5% at this point. As of the most recent data, KitKat actually saw an increase up to 40.9 percent up from February’s 39.7 percent. It wouldn’t be surprising if we still see the Material-packed software still hitting devices long into the summer months.