Samsung Galaxy J7+ Stories September 5, 2017

Just a day after the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8, promotional images for the Galaxy J7+ popped up online. The Galaxy J7+ was reported to be the second dual-camera phone from Samsung following the Note 8, and today the handset has become official.

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Samsung Galaxy J7+ Stories August 28, 2017

Following the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 last week, Samsung has finally given in to the trend of dual rear-cameras. The next Samsung phone to boast dual cameras on its backside is reported to be the Galaxy J7+, and a new batch of hands-on photos for the device leaves very little to the imagination.

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Samsung Galaxy J7+ Stories August 25, 2017

Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Note 8 is a fairly incremental update compared to last year’s model and the Galaxy S8+, but one of its standout features is its dual camera setup. The Note 8 is Samsung’s first device to offer dual-cameras, and it’s now being reported that the company’s next phone to wield two cameras on the back will be the Galaxy J7+.

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