Korean site claims upcoming LG G Watch to have unremovable SIM card

LG’s upcoming Android Wear watch has been mostly revealed, but a new report from Korean news website iNews24 claims that there’s one feature that LG is keeping a dirty little secret: a non-removable SIM card. The watch, although already officially announced and sporting its own splash page on the LG website, is said to be getting a bit more attention at the upcoming Google I/O press event — potentially alongside the Moto 360, another device debuting Google’s Android Wear operating system.

This rumor seems suspicious, as the Android Wear operating system is made to be an extension to Android smartphones, not to be used as a standalone device.¬†LG is going to be one of the first devices released made to run¬†Android Wear, and it would be odd for the company to go against Google’s own guidelines. That said, if this rumor turns out to be true, LG might just be preparing for a future version of Android Wear that supports more standalone devices. Even though a SIM in this waterproof device would mean it couldn’t be replaced, LG wouldn’t be the only ones at least considering a standalone cellular-capable smartwatch.